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Danielle Krysa & Andy J. Pizza 18 Jun 2022 • EN

ANDY J PIZZA : kindred spirits

Some good old fashioned therapy from the doctor who's not actually a doctor. Andy J Pizza is BACK on the podcast to talk about ladders, dreams, and sweatpants. Seriously.

94 min
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Danielle Krysa & Ashley Longshore 04 Dec 2021 • EN

ASHLEY LONGSHORE : there's no place like home

We're talking about JOY ... finding it in the little things, bringing it into our artwork, and not letting the state of the world break us!

93 min
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Danielle Krysa & Andrea Love 20 Nov 2021 • EN

ANDREA LOVE : cooking with wool

Tiny felted banana splits, and miniature pots of spaghetti coming to life through her absolutely mesmerizing stop-motion videos. Love ... Andrea Love!

60 min
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Danielle Krysa & Jacqueline Tse 06 Nov 2021 • EN

JACQUELINE TSE : hey, sugar

Perfect white porcelain sculptures that look good enough to eat - but don't! Mad Brooklyn, AKA Jacqueline Tse and her trusty hound, Skylar, are on the podcast today.

113 min
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Danielle Krysa & Andy J. Pizza 19 Jun 2021 • EN

ANDY J PIZZA : breadcrumbs and allies

Being stuck in a creative limbo ... and then following the breadcrumbs (or chip crumbs) back to our creative paths. Andy J. Pizza and I talk about creative ruts while eating pizza-flavored chips.

74 min
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Danielle Krysa & Ashley Longshore 01 Jan 2021 • EN

ASHLEY LONGSHORE : re-finding joy

Slowing down, embracing nature, being vulnerable, and eating cheese in the nude - Ashley Longshore is back to kick off 2021!

55 min
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