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Zuby & Scott Adams 28 Mar 2024 • EN

#303 Scott Adams - The Dilbert Cancellation Catastrophe

Author, Cartoonist, and Political Commentator Scott Adams joins Zuby to expose what really happened in February 2023, when the news media attempted to cancel Scott’s world-renowned ‘Dilbert’ cartoon strip. Scott then breaks down America’s cultural focus on racial identity, our current Victimhood incentive structure, Sc

64 min
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In a Pew Research study, over 50% of young women with liberal-leaning political views say they have been diagnosed with a mental health condition: far higher than any other demographic. What is driving the surge in stress and unhappiness? Scott Adams discusses victims of “mind viruses”, the gag order against former Pre

80 min
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Megyn Kelly is joined by Scott Adams, author of "Reframe Your Brain," to discuss the specific ways Donald Trump is such a master of persuasion, the way Adams realized that after watching Trump's "Rosie O'Donnell" debate answer to Megyn, how "building the wall" and the "perfect phone call" are evidence of his persuasive

96 min
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Michael Malice & Scott Adams 27 Sep 2023 • EN

Scott Adams - Episode #278

Michael Malice (“YOUR WELCOME”) invites famed author, cartoonist, and the creator of Dilbert, Scott Adams, onto the show to talk about how predictable human beings can be, how context is often ignored by cancel culture, and why his new book is a testament that you can recover from nearly anything, if you have the right

90 min
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James Altucher & Scott Adams 26 Sep 2023 • EN

Scott Adams | Reframe Reality for Happiness and Success

James is joined by the multifaceted Scott Adams. Adams' journey from a cartoonist and writer to a divisive political commentator is as intriguing as his insights into human behavior and mindset. The two explore the transformative concepts from Scott's latest book, "Reframe Your Brain: The User Interface for Happiness a

107 min
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My guests today are Scott Adams and Noam Dworman. Scott Adams is an American writer, commentator, and cartoonist best known for creating the comic strip Dilbert. In addition to his cartooning work, Adams has authored several books and frequently comments on a range of topics from media bias to psychology to the mechani

86 min
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