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Chris Brandt + Sandesh Patel & Donna Loughlin 14 Nov 2022 • EN

A Genuine Moment with Master Story Teller Donna Loughlin - #102

Story telling is an incredibly important skill, but for a startup company, story telling is essential. Not only do you need to convey the value of what you are bringing to market, you have to tell the story of where it is all going and what it could be. Finding those genuine moments can be difficult, but so rewarding.

46 min
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Chris Brandt + Sandesh Patel & Kira Dineen 29 Aug 2022 • EN

The Calico Cat Conundrum - Genetics with DNA Today's Kira Dineen - #93

Genetics is big business, and it is rapidly changing our world. This was most evident recently with the rapid creation of mRNA COVID vaccines. Genetics is everywhere, from individually engineered cancer therapies to bioengineered food. It plays a huge role in so much of what we use and consume. So, we are going to get

41 min
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Chris Brandt + Sandesh Patel & Ravi Patel 31 Jul 2020 • EN

#17: What It Means To Be Indian In America With Actor Ravi Patel

Welcome to another FUTRtech video podcast. Today we are so excited to have writer, director, actor, Investment banker and entrepreneur Ravi Patel.  You may know Ravi from his award winning documentary Meet the Patels and the Charlize Theron, Seth Rogan hit, Long Shot as well as from his work on the shows Master of None

68 min
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