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Sean Carroll & Samuel Bowles 21 Aug 2023 • EN

Samuel Bowles on Economics, Cooperation, and Inequality

Blog post with transcript: Economics, much like thermodynamics, is a story of collective behavior arising from the interactions of many individual constituents. The big difference is that in economics, the

80 min
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Nick Hanauer & Samuel Bowles 07 May 2019 • EN

Homo economicus must die (with Samuel Bowles)

Homo economicus is the figurative human being used in economic modeling. But the term defines human nature as perfectly rational, perfectly logical, and always self-interested. Does that sound like any real humans you know? Nope, we didn’t think so either. So we invited Professor Samuel Bowles to join Nick and Goldy in

31 min
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Demetri Kofinas & Samuel Bowles 21 Aug 2017 • EN

Samuel Bowles | The Origins of Economic Man and the Moral Economy

In Episode 18 of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with Samuel Bowles, about economic man and the moral economy, exploring some of the latest insights from the field of behavioral economics with insights about how incentives and prices convey information and shape perceptions of value in the economy. Dr. Bowle

61 min
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