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Andrew East + Shawn Johnson & Rachel Cruze 25 Oct 2023 • EN

7 things your family should do differently with money with Rachel Cruze

Today we sat down with Two-time New York Times best-selling author, financial expert, podcast host, fellow Nashvillian, wife and mom of three, Rachel Cruze! Rachel is the daughter of Dave Ramsey, the founder and CEO of the company Ramsey Solutions and currently works as a Ramsey Personality and certified financial coac

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One of my best friends, Rachel Cruze, is BACK on the show and I’m just having the best time talking to ALL my friends this week about coaching. Rachel loves to help people start winning with money and create a life they’ll love, and today she’s helping us figure out if we actually need a financial coach in our lives, h

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Financial expert Rachel Cruze joins me on this episode to talk about how to build habits that create generational wealth.  In our conversation, Rachel breaks down her step-by-step process for making a budget that you can easily stick to. We get into the pros and cons of credit cards and highlight why it’s so important

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Laura Owens + Jan Black & Rachel Cruze 06 Feb 2021 • EN

Rachel Cruze: ...how emotional money is

The pandemic has caused a lot of financial stress for many of us! On this episode, we’ll explore what to do if you’ve been left reeling financially due to the impact of the pandemic on your job, business or bank account.  Joining us is financial expert and bestselling author Rachel Cruze, whose show about money, called

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Jordan Lee Dooley & Rachel Cruze 13 Jan 2021 • EN

Improve Your Financial Habits and Money Mindset (Ft. Rachel Cruze)

Does the thought of money stress you out? Do you let others handle the money for you? When’s the last time you dreamed about your savings goals? In this week’s episode, Jordan explores those questions and talks with national speaker, author, and financial expert Rachel Cruze to look at why we handle money the way we do

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Paula Pant & Rachel Cruze 12 Jan 2021 • EN

What Your Childhood Taught You About Money, with Rachel Cruze

#295: How well do you know yourself and the reasons why you manage money in the way that you do? You might not know at all, or you might have some degree of understanding, but digging into your money story can shed insight on your behaviors with money today. Rachel Cruze, four-time bestselling author and daughter of Da

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