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Patch Baker is a serial entrepreneur, expert marketer, investor, speaker, and has acquired a unique set of skills through multiple acquisitions and business exits. His consulting clients range from Fortune 500 organizations to Veteran-owned start-ups.

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Benjamin Shapiro & Patch Baker 27 May 2022 • EN

Build Your Business Backwards -- Patch Baker // Mobius Media Solutions

Patch Baker, CEO of Mobius Media Solutions, talks about building a business the right way. When it comes to entrepreneurship, people tend to think too small in the beginning and end up paying for it when the business grows. Though it may seem odd, working your way backwards from your end goal when planning a business s

21 min
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Benjamin Shapiro & Patch Baker 26 May 2022 • EN

When Niching Down is a Bad Idea -- Patch Baker // Mobius Media Solutions

Patch Baker, CEO of Mobius Media Solutions, talks about building a business the right way. Rather than approaching modern business with an assembly line approach, you don't have to niche down into a specific segment. Automation and advanced technology provide us with the ability to apply the same processes to serve dif

20 min
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Joshua Wilson & Patch Baker 16 Sep 2021 • EN

EP#32 Our First 100 Acquisitions

Patch Baker spends the majority of his time helping businesses create extraordinary results and growth within their respective markets. Although his focus in on the Veteran Community, he works diligently to connect non-Veteran owned businesses, and individual Patriots, with brands and businesses which support our Natio

41 min
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Patch Baker’s is an inspiring story. One born partly during, and partly after his time in the military. His life has been full of high highs and very low lows, all which have made him the man he is today. Patch spent nearly 15 years serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa. When his time in the military ende

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After 15 years of serving at the Marine Corps, and on his own start-up journey, Patch started to use his discipline, ability, and leadership skills to become a renowned Investor, Entrepreneur, Expert Marketer & Thought Leader, Investor with multiple ventures and exits.  Patch has 31 companies and is impacting Fortune 5

60 min
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Roland Frasier & Patch Baker 29 Jul 2020 • EN

From The Military To Winning At Business, With Patch Baker

Roland Frasier and Patch Baker went from being strangers to business partners, and they break down that progression in this fascinating episode. You will be inspired and encouraged by Bakers’ story and mindset.  Patch is a renowned investor and serial entrepreneur with multiple ventures and exits. As an expert marketer

38 min
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