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KMO & Batja Mesquita + Simon Ager 25 Aug 2022 • EN

014 Bridging the Culture Gap with Dr. Batja Mesquita and Simon Ager

Dr. Batja Mesquita is a social psychologist, an affective scientist, and a pioneer of cultural psychology. She is the author of "Between Us: How Cultures Create Emotions." In this episode's first interview, KMO and Batja discuss: 03:10 – Batja's background and story 04:26 – What's WEIRD about Western countries 05:46 –

72 min
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Shannon Kennedy + Benny Lewis & Simon Ager 13 Jun 2022 • EN

#103 Simon Ager on Creating an Encyclopedia of Languages

Linguistics expert and language enthusiast, Simon Ager, talks with Benny and Elizabeth about creating one of the internet’s biggest (and first) encyclopedias of languages and writing systems. On his website,, Simon has cataloged over 340 writing systems and collated information about more than 1,600 langua

42 min
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Kerstin Cable & Simon Ager 10 Apr 2016 • EN

The Secret Languages of Great Britain (with expert voice Simon Ager)

Episode 37 is brought to you by italki, where you can find a language partner for any language. We tested it with rare languages like Icelandic, and it totally delivered. Get an awesome free lesson deal at italki.Today's Topic: Multilingual Britain Britain is not monolingual at all, but in fact it is teeming with langu

87 min
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Kris Broholm & Simon Ager 15 Aug 2014 • EN

AFP 24 – Simon Ager: Omniglot and Learning minority languages

Simon Ager, founder of Omniglot, comes onto the show to talk about his language learning experiences as well as discussing how he learns languages today. --- Send in a voice message:

34 min
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