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Gwyneth Paltrow & Cleo Wade 28 Mar 2023 • EN

Gwyneth's New Cohost: Cleo Wade

Cleo Wade—poet, author, and new cohost of The goop Podcast—joins GP to talk about the threads that inspire her and keep her curious and creative. They talk about bringing awareness to blind spots, when anger is informative and when the emotion is hiding from you, and a liberating thing Wade says she has learned to do f

46 min
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Otto Wretling + Rune & Jenny Österlund 29 Mar 2023 • EN

#15 – Game Boost

This week you can listen to a fascinating conversation with Jenny Österlund, the founder of Game Boost. In the episode, we talk about how to elevate your career, current trends in the market, and Jenny’s own story of getting into the industry. Your Hosts and Guest https://www.gameboost.se/ - The homepage for Game Boost

59 min
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Benny Lewis & Philippa Wentzel 16 Jan 2023 • EN

#129 Philippa Wentzel on Lingoda and Language Technology

Will technological advances keep impacting language learning positively? This is a question that Philippa Wentzel, Curriculum Team Lead of the popular online language resource Lingoda, attempts to answer in her discussion with Benny. In this interview, Philippa explores topics such as how academic learning can be unsat

49 min
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GP and Kerry Washington sat down in front of a live audience to talk about the impetus behind Washington’s new Hulu series, UnPrisoned. They chatted about searching for our blind spots, father-daughter dynamics, their high school days, and the moment Washington realized she needed to become the protagonist of her own j

34 min
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How closely does improving your body impact improving your memory? Michael Campbell, founder and CEO of Glossika, one of the most popular language resources on the Internet, shares how he has improved his physical and mental abilities by making important changes in his life. In this unusual episode (which focuses more

62 min
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Shannon Kennedy + Benny Lewis & Fiel Sahir 27 Jun 2022 • EN

#105 Fiel Sahir on Learning a Language Without “Studying”

Enthusiastic learner, New York resident, musician, and polyglot, Fiel Sahir, joins Benny Lewis and Shannon Kennedy to talk about finding mentors, learning heritage languages, studying Chinese with the Language Hacking Mandarin book, and using languages in a non-language-related field. Fiel, in his own words, says one o

32 min
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