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Kerstin Cable & Shannon Kennedy 07 Mar 2022 • EN

Rock Solid Habits: Reviewing ‘21 with Polyglot Shannon Kennedy

Shannon Kennedy is a professional musician, learner of 16 languages, and a language learning expert at Eurolinguiste, Fluent in 3 Months, and Women in Language. She's also my buddy and we have a tradition: Every year, Shannon visits the show to share how the last year went. Don't miss this incredible conversation where

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Kerstin Cable & Lindsay Williams 29 Nov 2021 • EN

Language Trends and Trendy Languages

Ahh, kids these days, all learning Korean on TikTok! Or was it Italian by input method? In this episode, Lindsay and Kerstin went into the fascinating world of language trends. In this episode: * How we tried to find out which languages are trending * Which languages are so hot right now via GIPHY * Which language lear

Kerstin Cable & Erin Morgan 08 Feb 2021 • EN

Discover the Languages of Western and Central Asia (with Erin Morgan)

In today's episode, my guest Erin Morgan will tell you more about the most widely spoken languages of Western & Central Asia, such as.. * Arabic * Persian * Armenian * Kazakh * Turkmen * Pashto * ....and only a few dozen more! where "Western and Central Asia" even is how to understand the impact of history on any langu

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Kerstin Cable & Shannon Kennedy 25 Jan 2021 • EN

What 2020 Taught Us About Languages (with Shannon Kennedy)

A new year fireside chat with Shannon Kennedy! We have been recording these for a few years now and with 2020, what a year to review. This is Shannon's personal review of the year, and you can use the following questions to conduct your own review and set goals for the next year. How would you sum up the year in your l

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Benny Lewis + Shannon Kennedy & Kerstin Cable 05 Oct 2020 • EN

#18 Kerstin Cable on Slow Learning

Kerstin Cable from the Fluent Language Blog shares her experience learning English to full fluency as a native German speaker, her method for acquiring new vocabulary and her long-term, slow approach to learning new languages. Featured ResourcesYour Solid Vocab MemoryGerman Uncovered Mentioned in this EpisodeThe Fluent

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Brought to you by OPTILINGO -- One of the most popular guests of the podcast returns to share all the details for her upcoming project, that she co-hosts with Lindsay Williams and Shannon Kennedy: Women in Language (September 17-20, 2020) Here are some of the things we discuss during the episode: * What Kerstin has bee

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