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Dr. Melanie Mitchell 's research focuses on conceptual abstraction, analogy-making, and visual recognition in artificial intelligence systems. Her books include "Complexity: A Guided Tour" and "Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans."

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Melanie Mitchell is one of the leading AI researchers in the world. She is Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. Her current research focuses on conceptual abstraction and analogy-making in artificial intelligence systems. Melanie is the author or editor of six books and numerous scholarly papers in the fields of artifi

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Melanie Mitchell 10 Sep 2023 • EN

Prof. Melanie Mitchell 2.0 - AI Benchmarks are Broken!

Patreon: Discord: Prof. Melanie Mitchell argues that the concept of "understanding" in AI is ill-defined and multidimensional - we can't simply say an AI system does or doesn't understand. She advocates for rigorously testing AI systems' capabilities using prop

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Jim Rutt & Melanie Mitchell 30 Mar 2023 • EN

Currents 088: Melanie Mitchell on AI Measurement and Understanding

Jim talks with Melanie Mitchell about her critique of applying standardized exams to LLMs and the debate over understanding in AI. They discuss ChatGPT and GPT-4's performance on standardized exams, questioning the underlying assumptions, OpenAI's lack of transparency, soon-to-be-released open-source LLMs, prompt engin

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Keith Duggar + Tim Scarfe + Letitia Parcalabescu & Melanie Mitchell 25 Jul 2021 • EN

#57 - Prof. Melanie Mitchell - Why AI is harder than we think

Since its beginning in the 1950s, the field of artificial intelligence has vacillated between periods of optimistic predictions and massive investment and periods of disappointment, loss of confidence, and reduced funding. Even with today’s seemingly fast pace of AI breakthroughs, the development of long-promised techn

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Jim Rutt & Melanie Mitchell 26 Jun 2021 • EN

Currents 036: Melanie Mitchell on Why AI is Hard

Jim talks to Melanie Mitchell about her recent paper, "Why AI is Harder Than We Think"... Melanie Mitchell & Jim talk about her recent paper, "Why AI is Harder Than We Think". They cover AI fantasies, self-driving cars, prediction failures, AI winters & summers, Melanie's four fallacies, common sense, theory of mind, d

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Jeremie Harris & Melanie Mitchell 07 Apr 2021 • EN

78. Melanie Mitchell - Existential risk from AI: A skeptical perspective

As AI systems have become more powerful, an increasing number of people have been raising the alarm about its potential long-term risks. As we’ve covered on the podcast before, many now argue that those risks could even extend to the annihilation of our species by superhuman AI systems that are slightly misaligned with

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