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mark antony raines

YouTube creator, Blogger, Podcaster, Author, Cartoonist,Article writer, Researcher, near death experience

Interviews: 8
Latest interview: 13 Jan 2023
Talked to: Peter Benson, Joseph M Lenard, Tony Walker, Craig Henzel and 2 others

Sara Troy

Sara Troy was born with an incredibly special gift. From an early age, Sara could see the possibilities in others. Throughout her life, she has served both professionally and as a humanitarian in assisting others to live more purposeful, meaningful, and productive lives. When we connect through the soul to an open heart and an ignited spirit, we allow the mind to see in a way that is truly illuminating. With her Podcast site Self Discovery Wisdom and her community site Orchard of Wisdom, Sara supports those who are making a positive difference in the lives of others through her podcasts and Collab-books and with her Mentors/Practitioners Fund-Action programs, where she shares the Mentors and Supports who are serving humanity. With the Orchards of Wisdom collaborative Podcast-Books, Mentor programs, and more to come, Sara wishes to ignite our inner souls, open our hearts, uplift our spirits, and allow an expansion of our minds to view life’s wisdom differently. To find out how to be a guest and become a Mentor, please email Sara at

Interviews: 33
Latest interview: 24 Jul 2023
Talked to: Laura Davis, Patricia Brendel, Joseph M Lenard, Jeanine Thompson and 2 others

Swire Ho

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I immigrated to Los Angeles in 1996. I'm a proud Asian American and am fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. As a seasoned professional, I possess exceptional project management skills, a talent for generating creative ideas, and the ability to turn them into reality. I excel in business communication and navigating the corporate buying process. Some of my notable accomplishments include receiving the SCORE Award for Small Business Success in 2009 and becoming the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year in 2018. Additionally, I was named #online18 2023 as one of the best promo pros on social media and a subject matter expert on promotional products in over 100+ podcasts I am also a lifelong student of strength and a proud SFG1 certified kettlebell instructor from #strongfirst. Government Certifications LSBE, WBE, DBE, MBE, SBE

Interviews: 29
Latest interview: 15 Feb 2024
Talked to: NaRon Tillman, Julie Livingston, Park Howell, Mary Harcourt and 2 others

Jack Bosma

An experienced curriculum developer and designer. Trained and developed collaborative relationships with global learning team members. A positive, enthusiastic, and competent Career Counselor and Content Creator. Educated in a diverse range of skills, qualities, and attributes. Experienced professional at building and maintaining international collaborative relationships. Skilled at leading, coaching, resume preparation, interview, job search strategies and supporting clients using interactive skills with listening, speaking, reading and writing. Trained in the delivery of overall training program administration and ongoing coaching program content to individuals, groups, companies and organizations to continuously improve content creator competencies. Perform administrative tasks to support these activities. Collaborate with individuals, groups, companies and organizations in the development and presentation of course audio, text and video content for growing audiences daily.

Interviews: 5
Latest interview: 30 Jan 2023
Talked to: Stephen Clarke, Gail Boenning, M. Rafie Altamis, Baba Oyewole and 1 others

Interviews: 5
Latest interview: 12 Jan 2024
Talked to: Elizabeth Gagnon, Ogechi Egbujor, Sana Childers, Curtis Abrams and 1 others

Deanna Marie Radulescu

Meet Deanna Marie. She's a survivor of human trafficking, a survivor of domestic physical abuse, former C-Level executive, a former fashion designer/skin care expert, even a former NPC figure competitor. Deanna is now a thriving podcaster (Label Free Podcast) nationally syndicated on-air personality with KCAA RADIO and also the Head Coach|Founding partner of Female Podcasters.

Interviews: 47
Latest interview: 20 Dec 2023
Talked to: Angel Pretot, Amy Singleton, Lorraine Duncan, Karim Kerachni and 2 others

Donna Serdula

Donna Serdula is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and brand strategist. Her expertise is LinkedIn, Personal Branding, Content Creation, etc...

Interviews: 56
Latest interview: 15 Feb 2024
Talked to: George Torok, Michelle Seiler Tucker, Pranay Parikh, Jane Singer and 2 others

Frank DeBlasi

Frank has been serving the web and digital media world for nearly two decades. His expertise ranges from building and managing websites and creating marketing campaigns for award winning companies, to cofounding and creating, a leading online shopping portal. He has been featured on popular television shows on Fox Business, Fox News, and ABC, as well as various magazines, news outlets, and radio shows.

Interviews: 1
Latest interview: 04 Apr 2023
Talked to: Jim James

Claire Carradice

CERTIFIED LinkedIn Organic Growth - Strategy & Content for B2B, at Freelance Contractor Prices. I also build strategies and create content for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Interviews: 1
Latest interview: 08 Sep 2016
Talked to: Russell Thackeray

Rob Levinson

I am a seasoned Corporate Brand Strategist and Personal Brand Coach expert at helping clients to develop powerful brand narratives that get them noticed, remembered, and results. A former Madison Avenue advertising executive, dot-com strategist, and Wall Street Journal “Marketing Strategies” columnist, my personal branding clients include C-Suite executives, top sales professionals, and recent college graduates seeking to differentiate and level-up.

Interviews: 2
Latest interview: 29 May 2023
Talked to: Nick Westergaard, Jacob Cass, Matt Davies

Interviews: 2
Latest interview: 17 Jan 2023
Talked to: Chase Warrington, Mikkel Thorup

Tero Moliis

Business Developer & Advisor, EdTech Specialist, TEDx Speaker, Mentor, Game Designer and Author of the book "Life Is A Sandcastle"

Interviews: 1
Latest interview: 13 Jun 2021
Talked to: Alain Guillot