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My guest today is Mathew Passy, a Podcast Producer/Consultant at, a podcast agency that helps individuals, brands, and small businesses develop, launch, produce, and promote podcasts. He is also behind AuditMyPodcast and InstantPodcastAudit, a service offering a full review of podcasters produc

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Mathew Passy & Kira Dineen 25 Jul 2022 • EN

Rare Genetic Diseases with Kira Dineen From The DNA Today Podcast

Did you know that 1/10 people in the world have a genetic disorder? Today we are talking with Kira Dineen, who started podcasting in high school as a project. Ten years later, it is still going and has evolved, connecting Geneticists and people affected by rare diseases.  Most people live their life like any other norm

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Mathew Passy & Arielle Nissenblatt 11 Jul 2022 • EN

Advocating for Pro-Choice Through Podcasting With Arielle Nissenblatt

When Roe vs Wade was overturned, did you wonder how you could help? "Every podcaster has a voice" is the common language in the industry, but what happens when the voices combine to advocate for change? That is precisely what Arielle did with the recent Roe vs. Wade overturned issue. She posted a call to action on Twit

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Episode Summary Mathew Passy is a professional podcast consultant. Actually, he’s The Podcast Consultant who helps brands, small businesses and individuals use podcasts and podcast advertising to connect with smart and engaged audiences. Today, Mathew and Harry engage in a dialogue about Mathew’s background in audio an

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Jeffrey Boopathy & Mathew Passy 12 Feb 2022 • EN

How to start your podcast consultancy with Mathew Passy | S7 E08

Disclaimer: This is a Re-release of an older episode Hey guys so in this week’s episode we have Mr Mathew Passy who is the founder of the Podcast Consultant, where they help you from start to finish in podcasting if you are a big brand and you need your branding and sales to the next level and he also worked in the Wal

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Mathew Passy & Mike Graglia 01 Nov 2021 • EN

Finding Purpose with Mike Graglia of the SYNGAP10 Podcast

Purpose can come from anywhere. We often think of purpose as something that comes from something you love, but more often than not, purpose comes from the hard things in life. For example, today we are talking with Mike Graglia, who found a purpose through the struggle of being a child's parent with SYNGAP1. A rare dis

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