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Michael Bosstick + Lauryn Evarts & Karen Hinton 27 Oct 2022 • EN

Penis Politics - The Dark Side Of Politics & The Abuse Of Power Ft. Karen Hinton

#510: On today's episode we are joined by Karen Hinton. Karen got her start in politics and went on to become one of the most colorful and outspoken political communications professionals in Washington and New York. Best known for her role as Press Secretary to both former Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo and New York Ma

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Mississippi native Karen Hinton is the author of Penis Politics: A Memoir of Women, Men & Power. Her memoir is about how girls and women are impacted by sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, abuse and discrimination, told only through colorful, funny and tragic stories about herself and the girls and women she knew fro

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Karen Hinton is the author of PENIS POLITICS. She served as press secretary to Andrew Cuomo when he was federal Housing Secretary and later to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. She began her career as a reporter in Mississippi and Colorado; served as press secretary to Congressman Mike Espy; worked for the Democratic National

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Mark Goulston & Karen Hinton 21 Apr 2022 • EN

Ep 327 - Karen Hinton

In this episode I speak to Karen Hinton, author of "Penis Politics," former press secretary to former Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo and former NYC Mayor Bill di Blasio, whose wakeup call was the suicide of a childhood friend and rape survivor at age 50, and how women need to speak out about abuse. https://penis-politi

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