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The inspiration for Christopher Nolan’s major motion picture, Oppenheimer, this Pulitzer Prize-winning biography explores the life and times of J. Robert Oppenheimer – the “Father of the Atomic Bomb” – who, like the mythological Prometheus, brought atomic fire to mankind. In deep detail, Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin'

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Neil deGrasse Tyson & Kai Bird 05 Sep 2023 • EN

Oppenheimer: Birth of the Atomic Age with Kai Bird

If someone else led the Manhattan Project, would it have gone differently? Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s film, and the creation of the atomic bomb with biographer Kai Bird. For more information about the new book: https://startalkmedia.com/books NOTE: Sta

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“Dr. Oppenheimer, Dr. Oppenheimer. I've been waiting decades to meet you!” The inspiration for the new movie Oppenheimer, Kai Bird’s incredible biography, American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer, follows the complicated and consequential life of one of the most influential scientists in hu

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Chuck Todd & Kai Bird 02 Aug 2023 • EN

Kai Bird: What Oppenheimer and Jimmy Carter have in common

Christopher Nolan's summer blockbuster "Oppenheimer" brought renewed focus to the moral conflict faced by the father of the atomic bomb. But before there was a movie, there was a seminal biography. Kai Bird, author of "American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer," joins Chuck to detail the phy

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Alain Guillot & Kai Bird 19 Sep 2021 • EN

Kai Bird: Jimmy Carter was a president ahead of his time

https://www.alainguillot.com/kai-bird/ Kai Bird is a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and biographer. His new biography is The Outlier: The Unfinished Presidency of Jimmy Carter. Get the book here: https://amzn.to/3tTCvfN

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