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Alain Guillot & Jonathan Haskel 24 Sep 2022 • EN

Jonathan Haskel; How to Fix the Intangible Economy Jonathan Haskel is Professor of Economics at Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London and author of the book Restarting the Future: How to Fix the Intangible Economy

29 min
No file found Sheru Aangrish, Mr. Indian, is an entrepreneur, IFBB Promoter, Actor, and Bodybuilder. We talk about how to have a winner's mindset.

24 min
No file found
Alain Guillot & Ann Hood 28 Aug 2022 • EN

Ann Hood: Adventures as a flight attendant Ann Hood is a novelist and short story writer; her latest book is Fly Girl: A Memoir

23 min
No file found
Alain Guillot & Daisy Pitkin 29 Jun 2022 • EN

Daisy Pitkin: A portrait of the American labor movement Daisy Pitkin shows us A portrait of the American labor movement with her book On the Line: A Story of Class, Solidarity, and Two Women's Epic Fight to Build a Union. Get the book here:

30 min
No file found
Alain Guillot & Matthew E. Kahn 02 Jun 2022 • EN

Matthew E. Kahn: How working remote improves our lives Matthew E. Kahn a Professor of Economics at the University of Southern California. He's the author of Going Remote: How the Flexible Work Economy Can Improve Our Lives and Our Cities. Get the book here:

39 min
No file found
Alain Guillot & Pauline Boss 30 May 2022 • EN

Pauline Boss: How do we cope with loss that cannot be resolved? Pauline Boss is known as a pioneer in the interdisciplinary study of family stress.

25 min
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