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Bill Walton & John Tamny 30 Nov 2022 • EN

“The Money Confusion: Why Inflation Now?” with John Tamny

In 1974, with annual inflation raging over 12%, President Gerald Ford introduced WIN (“whip inflation now”) buttons telling Americans: “To help increase food and lower prices, grow more and waste less. To help save scarce fuel in the energy crisis, drive less, heat less.” In other words, the responsibility to fix infla

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In this episode, my friend John Tamny interviews me about legendary Wall Street leader and Blackstone founder Stephen Schwarzman’s book What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence. There are many fascinating insights and lessons in Steve’s book which we can all benefit from.  A few highlights: Steve Schwarzman

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Bill Walton & John Tamny 10 May 2022 • EN

John Tamny and I Don't Agree About Everything, and That's OK

Author John Tamny joins me on this episode for a freewheeling back and forth about some of today’s big concerns. John, a free market fundamentalist and original thinker, almost always has a contrarian take on things. John’s books include Who Needs the Fed, When Politicians Panicked, Popular Economics and The End of Wor

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Bill Walton + John Tamny + Donald Boudreaux & George Will 25 Jan 2022 • EN

Episode 169: George F. Will on “American Happiness and Discontents” with Don Boudreaux and John Tamny

In this episode we get to talk with George F. Will about his latest collection of essays, American Happiness and Discontents: The Unruly Torrent, 2008-2020, and also about his magnum opus, The Conservative Sensibility.  Joining in on the conversation are John Tamny, Vice President of FreedomWorks, editor of RealClearMa

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Jason Hartman & John Tamny 08 Jul 2021 • EN

406: Forced Economic Despair & Replacement Currency with John Tamny

The political response to Covid-19 cased a massive economic event that led to a self-fulfilling prophecy. The monetary response of the government has led to inflation concerns that won't be going anyway anytime soon. Jason Hartman is joined by John Tamny, author of the new book When Politicians Panicked The New Coronav

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Jeff Deist & John Tamny 02 Jul 2021 • EN

John Tamny on <em>When Politicians Panicked</em>

Financial journalist John Tamny has written the definitive book on the disastrous political mismanagement of Covid-19—and the resulting (still unfolding) calamities. When Politicians Panicked is a superb analysis of the economic tradeoffs ignored by alarmist Covid policymakers, and a blow by blow account of their bungl

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