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Tom Woods & Gene Epstein 24 Nov 2023 • EN

Ep. 2421 A Libertarian Thanksgiving with Gene Epstein

Gene Epstein and I discuss things we're thankful for, but nothing too sentimental. It's mostly the kinds of nerdy things that, if we're being honest, are what power the Tom Woods Show. Sponsor:  

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Many Bitcoiners have seen or shared around the images that show Labour Compensation (wages and other benefits) diverging from Labour Productivity since 1971, particularly from sites such as Rejoining me today is Gene Epstein to break down why this chart is flawed! We also talk about broader issue

73 min
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Tom Woods & Gene Epstein 07 Jun 2023 • EN

Ep. 2344 Gene Epstein Wins the Ultimate Libertarian Debate

Gene Epstein just appeared in a debate in which he defended principled libertarianism against charges of greed and disdain for the week. It was a crushing victory. We walk through his arguments. Sponsors: If you're a listener of the Tom Woods Show, chances are you have some gold. But if you're just sitting on it, you'r

66 min
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Tom Woods & Gene Epstein 16 Mar 2023 • EN

Ep. 2298 Adam Smith: A Warning from Gene Epstein

I'm afraid the dull-sounding title will lead people to skip this episode, but it's one of the best of 2023. Gene Epstein comments on my episode with Mark Skousen on Adam Smith, and warns that Smith's deviations have been exploited by opponents of the market economy. The opening banter on this one is long but heartwarmi

52 min
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Tom Woods & Gene Epstein 01 Feb 2023 • EN

Ep. 2275 Is the Economy Screwing Young People?

We hear a lot of anecdotal data about young people struggling, about the problems of high prices and low wages, and millennials living with their parents. I wanted to know how true this was in general, and if it was, what was causing it. So I invited Gene Epstein, King of Data, to join us to get to the bottom of it. Sp

60 min
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Max Sklar & Gene Epstein 20 Dec 2022 • EN

Ep. 257 - Lessons from the of Debate with Gene Epstein

Gene Epstein, founder of the Soho Forum monthly debate series, comes on The Local Maximum to discuss and critique Max's recent debate performance on Democracy vs Monarchy. - Also: Max's 9 Things I learned from the Debate, Gene's debate with Binyamin Appelbaum of the New York Times. Get full access

78 min
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