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Newt Gingrich & John Ondrasik 17 Feb 2024 • EN

Episode 664: John Ondrasik on “OK”

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter John Ondrasik discusses his recent song and music video, "OK," which addresses the October 7th Hamas attacks on Israel. The song is not a political message, but a moral one, expressing Ondrasik's views on the attacks and the global reaction to them. Ondrasik also discusses his previou

28 min
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12 min
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Sean Hannity & Newt Gingrich 06 Feb 2024 • EN

Standing Up to Iran - February 5th, Hour 2

Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House and author of March to the Majority, is here to discuss the strikes against Iran and the latest polls showing a massive disapproval for Biden.  See for privacy information.

31 min
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Megyn Kelly is joined by Newt Gingrich, author of "March to the Majority,” to discuss the fiery Big Tech hearing on Capitol Hill, Mark Zuckerberg’s apology to families of victims of social media abuse, whether we need to regulate platforms more, parents' responsibility when it comes to their kids and social media, the

97 min
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Newt Gingrich breaks down the issue of the day and sends message to Republicans hoping for historic election turnout in 2024. Gingrich quotes Reagan’s farewell address, ‘people said that I won great victories, but that wasn't true. Every victory, I won you won, with your voices, with your phone calls, that was the peop

25 min
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Newt Gingrich & Mike Rowe 31 Dec 2023 • EN

Episode 648: The Best of Newt’s World – Mike Rowe

Newt talks with Mike Rowe about Dirty Jobs, the importance of work, his best-selling book The Way I Heard It and Rowe’s fascinating life. See for privacy information.

43 min
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