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George Civeris + Sam Taggart & Joel Kim Booster 06 Dec 2022 • EN

"The '20s" w/ Joel Kim Booster

This week, we decide to go ahead and be nasty with our literal family member Joel Kim Booster. That's right, we're completely uncut and uncensored in our discussion of the exciting new binary in the wine industry, whether or not gay is its own hobby, and of course, the timeless straightness of the '20's. So if you've e

62 min
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Louis Virtel + Ira Madison & Joel Kim Booster 22 Jun 2022 • EN

"Who's Oontzin' Who?" w. Joel Kim Booster

Ira and Louis discuss pop's house music revival courtesy of Beyoncé and Drake, J Lo's new documentary, the end of The Wendy Williams Show, Jeopardy handwriting errors, and the conservative uproar over Lightyear. Plus, Joel Kim Booster joins to discuss Fire Island, the pros and cons of queer representation, and his new

87 min
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Jonah Bayer + Vanessa Bayer & Joel Kim Booster 06 Jun 2022 • EN

Remember Microwavable Bean Burritos? (with Joel Kim Booster)

On this episode, Jonah and Vanessa welcome the one and only Joel Kim Booster! Jonah and Vanessa bond with Joel about their collective love of bean burritos and the challenge of heating them evenly, the fate of Keebler Tato Skins, and their varying skill levels at making dips. (Spoiler: Joel is the only one who is good

47 min
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Bowen Yang + Matt Rogers & Joel Kim Booster + Andrew Ahn 01 Jun 2022 • EN

"HEY! You Famous?" (w/ Andrew Ahn & Joel Kim Booster)

The moment has ~finally~ arrived. A two hour episode about TAYLOR SW- just kidding, y'all. Director Andrew Ahn and Writer/Star/EP Joel Kim Booster have crafted the film known to mankind as FIRE ISLAND and are here on Las Culturistas to discuss it. Matt & Bowen are very much in the film, and the four share memories and

118 min
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Bowen Yang + Matt Rogers & Joel Kim Booster 07 Jul 2021 • EN

"Speaking of Hailee Steinfeld..." (w/ guest host Joel Kim Booster)

Technical difficulties in the Dominican Republic iconically keep Bowen from recording this week, so Matt's other soulmate and fellow Gay Cold Survivor Joel Kim Booster jumps in quite literally last second to co-host a culture catchup that the readers de-SERVE despite the fact that Matt is not one of Joel's favorite fri

86 min
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Naomi Ekperigin + Andy Beckerman & Joel Kim Booster 29 Jun 2021 • EN

Joel Kim Booster

Cool customer and hot comedian Joel Kim Booster (Singled Out, Big Mouth, Urgent Care pod, stand-up... more!) makes his triumphant return to the pod, and baby, even though he is fighting food poisoning, we are just basking in his presence! How might Joel make a tractor show better? Find out inside! What kind of relation

76 min
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