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Jordan Morris + Jesse Thorn & Patton Oswalt 06 Jun 2024 • EN

Crab Louie, with Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum

This week Jordan and Jesse welcome Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt (creators of the comic book series Minor Threats and the Minor Threats spin-off series The Alternates) to the pod for a conversation about a 58 year old tortoise, X-Men 97, and a man-crustacean hybrid with a red carapace, berserker strength, and a large c

61 min
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Jesse Thorn & Craig Robinson 16 Jan 2024 • EN

Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson is likely in some of your favorite shows. The Office. Pineapple Express. And of course, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. These days, he's got a series of his own. It's called Killing It. On Bullseye, Robinson stops by to chat about the show's second season. We ask him about his character Craig and whether or not he's

35 min
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Jesse Thorn & Ira Glass 24 Oct 2023 • EN

Ira Glass

This American Life has been on public radio airwaves for almost three decades. This year, the show passed eight hundred episodes. And probably the most amazing thing is that This American Life is still really great. Ira Glass created the show way back when it first started, and he's still steering the ship at 64. We ta

37 min
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Jesse Thorn + Jordan Morris & Alison Rosen 19 Oct 2023 • EN

Al Pacino Ice Cream, with Alison Rosen

This week Alison Rosen (Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend) returns to the pod to talk about the fast talking Micro Machines  Man and an ice cream truck inexplicably named after Al Pacino. Buy Alison Rosen's book Tropical Attire Encouraged (and Other Phrases That Scare Me) Right now, is offering new customer

77 min
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Bob Odenkirk is an alt-comedy legend. He wrote for Saturday Night Live in the 90s. Then he got the part in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul as Saul Goodman. And he went from the funny-guy behind the scenes to the main screen. He's also a writer. On Bullseye, he stops by to talk about how he turned his worn notebook in

51 min
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Jesse Thorn & Maria Bamford 10 Oct 2023 • EN

Maria Bamford on her new memoir "Sure, I'll Join Your Cult"

Maria Bamford is a brilliant stand-up comic. She's also now an author. She recently wrote her first book. It's a memoir called Sure, I'll Join Your Cult. In it, she writes about her experience with mental illness and efforts to overcome it. She joins the show to talk about the new book and the lessons she learned from

32 min
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