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Sam Taggart + George Civeris & Danny Pellegrino 24 Oct 2023 • EN

"Going As The Joker and Harley Quinn For Halloween" w/ Danny Pellegrino

Everyone knows that straight people have gone as the Joker and Harley Quinn for Halloween ever since biblical times, but has anyone ever stopped to ask why? Of course not. They're too busy looking at their phones. Well, that ends today as we are joined by Danny Pellegrino, author of "The Jolliest Bunch," to finally wak

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George Civeris 28 Sep 2023 • EN

Implied Rimming (feat. George Civeris)

Comedian and host of the podcast StraightioLab George Civeris joins Fran & Rose to discuss iconic queer(?) television show Will & Grace And a clip from this week's Patreon episode about gay pirate erotica. Subscribe for weekly bonus episodes! Are you a Will, Grace, Jack or Karen? Tag our finsta @likeavirgin42069 See om

59 min
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Sam Taggart + George Civeris & Vanessa Bayer 26 Sep 2023 • EN

"Planning Your Outfit For The First Day Of School" w/ Vanessa Bayer

The first day of school comes but once a year, but the ramifacations of your outfit...well they can be felt for a lifetime. Today, notable former student and co-host of "How Did We Get Weird" Vanessa Bayer joins us to talk about this delicate time of yearly reinvention. We unpack the economic status of being hot in hig

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Sam Taggart + George Civeris & Jon Lovett 15 Aug 2023 • EN

"The News" w/ Jon Lovett

This week we welcome 'Lovett or Leave It' host Jon Lovett to the lab for a string of explosive revelations, impassioned calls to action, and nothing less than an official relaunch of our democracy. (We love an activation!) Jon goes deep on the gender-fuckery of cable news anchors, the decline of journalistic gatekeeper

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George Civeris + Sam Taggart & Sam Sanders 30 May 2023 • EN

"Mayonnaise" w/ Sam Sanders

Today we are joined by Sam Sanders, the host of Into It and Vibe Check, to discuss the most intersectional condiment of all: Mayonnaise. Is it French and chic? Or is it American and family values? Both? Neither? Not even the USDA knows. But our conversation isn't just food related, we also cover how the Delta SkyLounge

63 min
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Sam Taggart + George Civeris & Aparna Nancherla 16 May 2023 • EN

"Sleepovers" w/ Aparna Nancherla

This week we invite the unironically illustrious Aparna Nancherla on to shift our perspectives on many of the leading issues of the day. Issues like the ethics of reading a popular book years after everyone else, the sadness of European's attachment to their rich historic cultures, and the power structures of the avera

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