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Chris Stemp & James Owen Weatherall 30 Jul 2019 • EN

Jim Weatherall - Fake News: Why What You Believe Depends on Who You Know

James Owen Weatherall is a physicist, philosopher, and mathematician. He holds graduate degrees from Harvard, the Stevens Institute of Technology, and the University of California, Irvine, where he is presently an assistant professor of logic and philosophy of science. He has written for Slate and Scientific American.

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Alexander Heffner & James Owen Weatherall + Cailin O’Connor 29 Apr 2019 • EN

The Misinformation Age

On this episode of The Open Mind, we"re delighted to welcome University of California, Irvine professors, Cailin O"Connor and James Owen Weatherall. Disinformation; misinformation, what is the science of how false beliefs spread? This is the critical understanding that my guest today argue is required to correct falseh

27 min
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Mike Pesca & James Owen Weatherall + Cailin O’Connor 27 Apr 2019 • EN

Why Fools Fall in Love

On The Gist, the 2020 candidates’ proposals shouldn’t be compared to some progressive ideal, but to some of the stuff we spend taxpayer dollars on now. In the interview, the pace of technological change means we might only be catching onto malicious disinformation techniques after it’s too late to counter them. Still,

37 min
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