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Jim McKelvey 16 Feb 2024 • EN

Building a $40B Company w/ Jim McKelvey

Follow Jim: https://twitter.com/2000f About Jim: Jim is the co-founder of the mobile payment company Square alongside Jack Dorsey. Currently, he's dedicated to changing the digital advertising landscape as the founder of Invisibly. Jim's innovative mindset and contributions to the tech industry have been recognized thr

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How do you find your new idea? What does it take to attract a team of true believers? And what does glass-blowing have to do with entrepreneurship? Hint: the key is timing. All of these questions are answered in my newest episode of From Start-Up to Grown-Up with Jim McKelvey, the Co-Founder of Block (previously known

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Jim McKelvey has now started close to a dozen different for-profit and nonprofit ventures, including Square. Now he’s tackling the problems we face on the internet every day, with the backing of Peter Theil as an investor. His venture has also attracted funding from other financiers like GGV Capital, Morgan Stanley, Va

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639: In this interview, Jim McKelvey, Co-Founder of Square and Founder of Invisibly, discusses the beginnings of his career and how his early experiences inspired the genesis of Square. He shares a couple key strategies that he pursued to compete with large players like Amazon and how this led to the concept of his boo

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Benjamin Ritter & Jim McKelvey 21 Jun 2021 • EN

The Innovation Stack with Jim McKelvey

In this episode we interview Jim McKelvey, Co-Founder of Square and Author of The Innovation Stack. We dive into how you can utilize innovation to build an unbeatable business one crazy idea at a time. Jim McKelvey is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, philanthropist, artist, and author of The Innovation Stack: Building

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Todd Henry & Jim McKelvey 26 Apr 2021 • EN

Building An Innovation Stack (with Jim McKelvey)

Imagine sitting in a cab in New Orleans as the driver pulls out a small device, hooks it up to his phone, and begins raving about how excited he is to be able to take credit cards for the first time. Now, imagine that you are the co-founder of the company that made it possible. Jim McKelvey is the co-founder of Square,

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