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Adam Sank & Giulia Rozzi 22 Jan 2022 • EN

Ep. 218: It's Giulia Rozzi with a "G"

Adam and Steve welcome hilarious and prolific comedian Giulia Rozzi, who talks relationships, life in L.A. and the time she pooped in a Tupperware. But first, we recount all the things people got stuck up their butts in 2021. Plus, does the world need neopronouns and xenopronouns right now? J.B. calls "F-ckery!" Visit

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Giulia Rozzi & Jon Gabrus 23 Sep 2021 • EN

Contentment with Jon Gabrus

Comedian Jon Gabrus shares his realizations on ambition, boundaries and the meaning of success. This is such a fantastic episode to be the season one finale as it explores the balance between work and self-care and me putting this show on pause for a little bit while I work on some other things is exactly that, me tryi

64 min
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Brooks Wheelan & Giulia Rozzi 13 Sep 2021 •

Episode 204 - Giulia Rozzi

Giulia Rozzi (Comedy Central/Conan) talks about working at a Bruegger's Bagels thinking it was good, being a call person for the Life Alert company, being passed at The Comedy Store on accident, and working on every VH1 show in the 2000s. Check out Giulia: Listen to GIulia

91 min
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Giulia Rozzi & Steve Hernandez 19 Aug 2021 • EN

Growth with Steve Hernandez

Comedian Steve Hernandez chats about going from pastor to polyamorous, sobriety and trying to be a better man. We also discuss grieving our first marriages and how we learned to be better in our current marriages. Where to find guests: Steve: Twitter @BigHern & Instagram @Hernia Giulia: Twitter @giuliarozzi & Instagram

67 min
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Giulia Rozzi & Nicole Byer 15 Jul 2021 • EN

Focus with Nicole Byer

Comedian Nicole Byer chats about her ADHD diagnosis, finding balance and that time she cried in a Footlocker. Giulia and Nicole also discuss the quest to be ethical consumers, the downsides of re-entering society and that time Giulia cried at a TV studio. Where to find guests: Nicole Byer on Twitter & Instagram : @nico

65 min
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This week we are so lucky to have the hilarious comedian Giulia Rozzi on the podcast! She has been on Conan, Comedy Central, and hosts the very funny podcast "Should I Get Bangs?" We chat about everything from how she had a crush on the bad boy of the bagel shop she worked at (wait til you hear what he did), to a job a

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