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Logan Bartlett & Dan Primack 09 Jul 2022 • EN

Bonus Episode: The Elon Musk Twitter Saga w/ Axios' Dan Primack

In a special bonus episode due to Elon Musk’s announcement that he’ll be backing out of the Twitter deal, Logan is joined by Axios Business Editor Dan Primack to cover the whole story. What happened, how we got here, and can Elon actually just do this? (The answer is not really, no)   Mixed and edited: Justin Hrabovsky

53 min
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Logan Bartlett + Zak Kukoff & Dan Primack + Zach Weinberg 15 Apr 2022 • EN

EP 12: Dan Primack Talks Musk/Twitter, Zach Weinberg Explains Founding a $2.1B Co & Owning Nightclub

(01:35) Dan Primack Breaks Down Elon Musk’s Bid for Twitter but Not Why His Tweets Are So Bad (22:07) Zach Weinberg Debuts as a Cartoon Avatar (32:06) Crypto’s a Security but Shut Up About It   Follow the show: https://twitter.com/cartoonavatars https://www.instagram.com/cartoonavatars/ https://www.tiktok.com/@cartoona

51 min
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Dan Primack & Ro Khanna 08 Jun 2021 • EN

Rep. Ro Khanna on the massive bill to compete with China

Senate Democrats and Republicans today are expected to overwhelmingly pass a $247 billion spending package focused on competing with China on technology.  Dan is joined by California Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna, who cosponsored this bill and who has been concerned about this issue and the ramifications for the U.S. of fall

13 min
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Dan Primack & Brad Stone 13 May 2021 • EN

Beyond Bezos, with "Amazon Unbound" author Brad Stone

Amazon today announced plans to hire 75,000 more workers, most of whom will sign on after Jeff Bezos officially steps down as the tech giant's CEO. Axios Re:Cap talks with Brad Stone, author of a new book called "Amazon Unbound," about how Amazon may change, what Bezos does next and how he found the woman who voices Al

14 min
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Dan Primack & Heather Boushey 28 Apr 2021 • EN

White House Adviser Heather Boushey on Biden’s big speech

President Biden tonight will address a joint session of Congress, during which he will try to sell legislators and the country on his third $1 trillion-plus plan since taking office just three months ago, the American Families Plan.  Dan is joined by White House Council of Economic Advisers member Heather Boushey to di

15 min
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There was a lot going on the week of March 9, 2020, but one difficult decision stands out in Dr. Anthony Fauci’s mind clearly, as he shuttled between the White House and Capitol Hill.  Anthony Fauci joins Axios Re:Cap to discuss how he made the decision to support the ban on travel from Europe, what it was like splitti

17 min
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