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Michael Klein & Tom Frieden 19 Apr 2021 • EN

The COVID-19 Crisis: Looking Forward

Tom Frieden (former Director, CDC) highlights factors that make COVID-19 particularly deadly, the importance of good governance in slowing its spread, and the need for better primary care in underserved areas.

25 min
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Dan Loney & Tom Frieden 02 Mar 2021 • EN

How Should Businesses Bring Employees Back to Work?

Tom Frieden, former CDC director, former NYC health commissioner, and president and CEO of Resolve for Our Lives, talks about the vaccine effort, why things are getting better, and how businesses can start to think about bringing employees back to work. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

11 min
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Dan Primack & Tom Frieden 29 Jan 2021 • EN

Ex-CDC director Tom Frieden on the next COVID-19 vaccines

 Americans fortunate enough to receive vaccines right now, outside of clinical trials, are getting ones made by either Pfizer or Moderna. But newly released data from Novavax and Johnson & Johnson suggests that more vaccines could be on the way. Dan digs into the news and why it matters, especially as COVID-19 variants

15 min
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Dan Primack & Tom Frieden + Felix Salmon 13 Oct 2020 • EN

Ex-CDC director Tom Frieden on the state of COVID-19 vaccines

Johnson & Johnson has paused Phase 3 trials for its COVID-19 vaccine candidate, after one patient reported an “unexplained illness.” This comes after AstraZeneca paused its Phase 3 trials due to an adverse event, and Moderna slowed its trial because of enrollment difficulties. Dan discusses these developments and more

13 min
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Alexander Heffner & Tom Frieden 29 Sep 2020 • EN

Can a New Administration and Investment Reset America's Pandemic Response?

Resolve to Save Lives CEO Dr. Tom Frieden discusses the short and long-term measures required to defeat the pandemic and enhance the U.S. public health infrastructure.

26 min
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Former CDC director – and current CEO of the public health initiative Resolve to Save Lives – Dr. Tom Frieden joins Ian Bremmer to talk about how to get the Covid-19 pandemic under control in the United States (hint: we need more data). As with politics, Dr. Frieden argues, all epidemics are local. And the outbreaks cr

30 min
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