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Dana Cowin & Ashley Rodriguez 11 Oct 2021 • EN

A Barista's Perspective on the Business: Ashley Rodriguez

In part four of the Speaking Broadly coffee series, Boss Barista podcaster Ashley Rodriguez shares her thoughts on aspects of the coffee industry that deserve more attention: past-crop coffee, pay transparency for farmers and baristas, why the coffee narrative is centered on do-gooder American importers, along with cle

49 min
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Dana Cowin & Helen Russell 20 Jul 2021 • EN

Third Wave and Beyond: Helen Russell

Inspired by the proliferation of great coffee, Speaking Broadly host Dana Cowin kicks off a short series on the Third Wave and beyond with Helen Russell, co-founder of Equator Coffees. Helen launched Equator in 1995 with Brooke McDonnell, her partner in life and business from their home in Marin County, CA. Passionate

37 min
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Dana Cowin & Yasmin Khan 21 May 2021 • EN

Food Without Borders: Yasmin Khan

Yasmin Khan, a long-time human rights activist, is the author of Ripe Figs, a book focusing on the Eastern Mediterranean — part travelogue, part cookbook, part meditation on the notion of borders in the 21st century. On the pod, we discuss the refugee crisis, what we can do as individuals and as a society to address th

35 min
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Dana Cowin & Nancy Silverton 28 Oct 2020 • EN

The Power of Perfect: Nancy Silverton

Star chef Nancy Silverton of Los Angeles's Osteria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza and Chi Spacca overcame her fears about baking to become one the greatest pastry chefs in the world. On this episode of Speaking Broadly, Silverton describes how obsession born of fear can be motivating: "I figured out how to make what I think is

43 min
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Dana Cowin & Preeti Mistry 22 Jul 2020 • EN

The Future of Food Leadership: Preeti Mistry

Preeti Mistry, chef-activist best known for their restaurant Juhu Beach Club, has been fighting injustice since a kid named Aaron pushed them too far in middle school—and they pushed back. As the food industry cracks under the strain of COVID and reimagines ways to confront systemic racism, Preeti offers a holistic vie

46 min
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Dana Cowin & Dominique Crenn 23 Jun 2020 • EN

Cooking for Freedom: Dominique Crenn

"That love, that passion, that authenticity you have within yourself always connects with others." Those are wise words from Dominique Crenn, chef/owner of San Francisco's Atelier Crenn and author of a new book, Rebel Chef: In Search of What Matters. Known as one of the greatest chefs in the world, Crenn's gift is conn

50 min
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