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Allison Summers & Eric Ressler 11 Oct 2023 • EN

Episode 218: Eric Ressler, Founder of Cosmic; Santa Cruz, CA, USA

One of our values at Disruptive CEO Nation is doing business while still being able to deliver social good, but in a cluttered market and constant noise, how do change agents get the attention they deserve? Enter Eric Ressler, the founder and creative director of Cosmic, a social impact creative agency based in Santa C

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Allison Dunn & Eric Ressler 05 May 2023 • EN

The Future of Social Impact Fundraising with Eric Ressler

Eric Ressler is the Founder and Creative Director of Cosmic — a Social Impact Creative Agency. He believes that the social impact sector must change in order to take advantage of the benefits of the information era. Today’s digital tools and platforms make it easier for social impact organizations to quickly and effici

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Gary Cohn & Eric Ressler 22 Mar 2023 • EN

31 - Social Impact | Eric Ressler

Eric Ressler learned how to use his creative talents to impact social causes. His media and design firm is geared towards motivating organizations and individuals to care more about call-to-actions. Eric joins Gary S. Cohn of Painted Rock Advisors to discuss the power of a well-produced mission and what it takes to go

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In this episode of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, Eric Ressler, founder and CEO of Cosmic, a social impact creative agency, discussed about cause-based marketing, entrepreneurship, and the challenges that social impact businesses face. Eric also shares two inspiring case studies of successful social impact businesses and

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Nick Westergaard & Eric Ressler 19 Oct 2020 • EN

Building Brands That Create Social Impact with Eric Ressler

“All companies and all brands should be working toward being the best version of themselves that they can be across all lenses of their impact on the world.” Eric Ressler knows a thing or two about brands making at impact. That’s the focus of his work as Founder and Creative Director at Cosmic, an agency helping brands

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John Golden & Eric Ressler 30 Sep 2020 • EN

Build Brand Awareness and Brand Engagement with Eric Ressler

Being socially and environmentally responsible is an ongoing trend within organizations. So, in today's Expert Insight Interview, Eric Ressler explains how to create brand awareness and brand engagement through social impact.

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