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The great CJ Hopkins is back after his arrest in Germany for expressing unapproved ideas. He and Trish talk about how the current Middle East conflict plays into the hands of Globocap and also why so many of us are divided on this issue.   Also — Jacqueline Bynon, Trish’s close friend is here to explain what life is li

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Trish Wood & CJ Hopkins 01 Jul 2023 • EN

CJ Hopkins and his Secret Mission

The one and only CJ Hopkins is back to report on his secret mission to the UK where Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger and Russell Brand are plotting a counterattack on the censorship industrial complex or CIC. New indignities from Globocap - the force that would silence dissidents like Nigel Farage in the UK. He made

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James H. Kunstler & CJ Hopkins 21 Jan 2023 • EN

KunstlerCast 369 — A Chat with CJ Hopkins of The Consent Factory Blog

The post KunstlerCast 369 — A Chat with CJ Hopkins of The Consent Factory Blog appeared first on Kunstler.

Trish Wood & CJ Hopkins 07 Jan 2023 • EN

CJ Hopkins

A razor sharp mind and a great wit, CJ Hopkins is back with the latest from the ramparts against Globocap — and the tyranny of the elites who are now fully in control.   Don’t miss this one.   Plus, Trish on the death of her friend, the dashing but damaged investigative reporter Nate Thayer  - even the scoop of the cen

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Charles Eisenstein & CJ Hopkins 01 Nov 2021 • EN

CJ Hopkins: The New Totalitarianism (E60)

Playwright, satirist, and political commentator CJ Hopkins, creator of the website Consent Factory, joins me for a conversation on totalitarianism, safety, and the ideology of control. We go a little beyond his political writings on these topics to talk about the inner life of a dissident. Another major topic is the ph

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