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Peter McCormack & Alex Thorn 13 Jan 2024 • EN

The Arrival of Bitcoin ETFs with James Seyffart & Alex Thorn

“You’re in the game now, this thing isn’t valuable if it’s not able to be used in a self-custodied manner, that’s the innovation, that’s the core innovation...we and the issuers got to take the story of Bitcoin’s true value out, that’s how they’re going to do it, that’s how they’re marketing it…we got to tell that stor

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Ryan Sean Adams & Alex Thorn 01 Nov 2023 • EN

Bitcoin ETFs: Bullish or Bearish? with Alex Thorn

Alex Thorn is head of Research at Galaxy Digital, leading a team of researchers focused on unpacking the market developments in crypto, producing information for both internal and external audiences. Before Galaxy, Alex was Director of Blockchain Research at Fidelity, so he’s a veteran of straddling TradWorld and Crypt

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Alex Thorn, head of research at Galaxy, sees inflows to spot bitcoin ETFs reaching more than $14 billion in the first year after a potential SEC approval and the price of bitcoin spiking to $47,000. He also sees approval of these products possibly occurring this year.  In a recent report, Alex Thorn, head of research a

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Peter McCormack & Alex Thorn 24 Jul 2023 • EN

Will BlackRock Trigger Hyperbitcoinisation? With Alex Thorn

“This is the beginning of what hyperbitcoinisation looks like, people want bitcoin everywhere? That means it’s going to be everywhere…if bitcoin’s going to be global money it’s needs to be everywhere, it needs to be in every single system that uses money.” — Alex Thorn Alex Thorn is Head of Firmwide Research at Galaxy.

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Stephan Livera & Alex Thorn 29 Apr 2022 • EN

SLP370 Alex Thorn - Why Are Bitcoin Fees Low? 

Alex Thorn, Head of Firmwide Research at Galaxy Digital (previously Avon Ventures & Fidelity) joins me to talk about how and why Bitcoin Fees are low. After going through eras of higher fees, it might be puzzling as to why they’re low now. We talk: Which factors had the biggest impact SegWit Batching Lightning Network

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Nathaniel Whittemore & Alex Thorn 22 Dec 2021 • EN

The Year of Institutional Bitcoin, Feat. Galaxy’s Alex Thorn

This episode is sponsored by NYDIG. On this edition of “The Breakdown’s” “End of Year Extravaganza,” Galaxy Digital’s head of firmwide research discusses the key trends that shaped 2021.  Find our guest on Twitter: @intangiblecoins  NYDIG, the institutional-grade platform for bitcoin, is making it possible for thousand

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