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Jay McClelland is a Professor in the Psychology Department and Director of the Center for Mind, Brain, Computation and Technology at Stanford. His research addresses a broad range of topics in cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience, including Parallel Distributed Processing (PDP). Jay's PhD thesis is titled "Prel

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Paul Middlebrooks is a neuroscientist and host of the Brain Inspired podcast, which explores the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Paul's PhD thesis is titled "Neuronal Correlates of Meta-Cognition in Primate Frontal Cortex", which he completed at the University of Pittsburgh in 2011. We discuss

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Sean Welleck & Chelsea Finn 15 Oct 2020 • EN

[10] Chelsea Finn - Learning to Learn with Gradients

Chelsea Finn is an Assistant Professor at Stanford University, where she leads the IRIS lab that studies intelligence through robotic interaction at scale. Her PhD thesis is titled "Learning to Learn with Gradients", which she completed in 2018 at UC Berkeley. Chelsea received the prestigious ACM Doctoral Dissertation

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Kenneth Stanley is a researcher at OpenAI, where he leads the team on Open-endedness. Previously he was a Professor Computer Science at the University of Central Florida, cofounder of Geometric Intelligence, and head of Core AI research at Uber AI labs. His PhD thesis is titled "Efficient Evolution of Neural Networks t

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