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Paul Middlebrooks & Dileep George 29 Dec 2020 • EN

BI 093 Dileep George: Inference in Brain Microcircuits

Dileep and I discuss his theoretical account of how the thalamus and cortex work together to implement visual inference. We talked previously about his Recursive Cortical Network (RCN) approach to visual inference, which is a probabilistic graph model that can solve hard problems like CAPTCHAs, and more recently we tal

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Sam Charrington & Dileep George 23 Nov 2020 • EN

Common Sense as an Algorithmic Framework with Dileep George - #430

Today we’re joined by Dileep George, Founder and the CTO of Vicarious. Dileep, who was also a co-founder of Numenta, works at the intersection of AI research and neuroscience, and famously pioneered the hierarchical temporal memory. In our conversation, we explore the importance of mimicking the brain when looking to a

47 min
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Paul Middlebrooks & Dileep George 23 Oct 2020 • EN

BI 087 Dileep George: Cloning for Cognitive Maps

When a waiter hands me the bill, how do I know whether to pay it myself or let my date pay? On this episode, I get a progress update from Dileep on his company, Vicarious, since Dileep's last episode. We also talk broadly about his experience running Vicarious to develop AGI and robotics. Then we turn to his latest bra

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Lex Fridman & Dileep George 14 Aug 2020 • EN

#115 – Dileep George: Brain-Inspired AI

Dileep George is a researcher at the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence, co-founder of Vicarious, formerly co-founder of Numenta. From the early work on Hierarchical temporal memory to Recursive Cortical Networks to today, Dileep's always sought to engineer intelligence that is closely inspired by

130 min
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Joel Beasley & Dileep George 03 Aug 2020 • EN

#205 Dileep George - Co-Founder at Vicarious AI

Artificial General Intelligence Today we are talking to Dileep George, the Co-Founder at Vicarious AI. And we discuss their long term goal of building artificial general intelligence, learning from failures to come back even stronger, and the relationship between feedforward and feedback information. All of this, right

55 min
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In this special bonus episode of the podcast, Emerj spoke with Dileep George, co-founder of AI company Vicarious, which has raised over $100 million in venture funding, for Kisaco Research’s Brain Inspired Computing Congress 2020, which takes place April 21 – 22 in Milpitas, California We spoke with Dileep about the un

15 min
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