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KMO & Vishnu Seesahai 26 May 2022 • EN

001 Herding Byzantine Generals with Vishnu Seesahai

Vishnu Seesahai is a systems architect, mathematician, and former indie film actor. In addition to that, he is a martial artist and he served as a fight choreographer in several films. 01:33 – “Zombie Strippers” and film production 04:00 – Getting into bitcoin mining 10:37 – Decentralized finance 17:15 – Cyber attacks,

58 min
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Andre Joseph Martin + Josh Burrows & Vishnu Seesahai 21 Sep 2020 • EN

Episode 14 - Andre and Josh Save the World (from or because of religion) - Part III

Andre and Josh are at it again! Only this time they are joined by Andre's cousin Vishnu Seesahai, filmmaker and multi-hyphenate, for a deep dive into a potential theory of everything, based on quantum mechanics, and how it might be turned into an all encompassing theology. And, as always, a check-in!

135 min
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?? • 22/Jul/2023 20:03:33 • English • Audio
A modern-day Renaissance man

Vishnu is not a frequent guest on podcasts, which is kind of a shame because to my mind he's probably the closest approximation to what a renaissance man should be in our day and age. He's a mathematician, an actor, a martial artist, an investor, a filmmaker. I actually don't know what else, probably a few other things that I'm not aware of. He was kind enough to be our first guest on the podcast that we launched last year and I still love that interview, a wide-ranging interview which kind of drifted toward more of a cryptocurrency topics, but I think he can talk on a whole lot of other subjects. Anyway, I'm still waiting for his next interview and this is why I follow him.

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