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My guest, Lauren, feels very strongly that kids need to be able to explore, be curious, be creative, and think more like entrepreneurs. She also feels very strongly that our current school system is not allowing kids these opportunities and that is a big problem. This isn't a new sentiment, but it was really interestin

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Terry McMullen & Rocco Jarman 28 Apr 2023 • EN

"Reason" - Rocco Jarman

"Stable mutual actualization" -- that is what my guest, Rocco, is after. He believes with the use of true reason (mature, sophisticated, objective reason) we as humans, have the ability to achieve a stable state, where mutually all of us, can self actualize into what we want to be. Contrast that with the world he sees

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Terry McMullen & Lauren Conlin 09 Mar 2023 • EN

"Hearing people's stories and helping them get justice" - Lauren Conlin

Lauren is a NYC based entertainment journalist and host, who knew she wanted to write about gossip and entertainment for much of her life. She loves to investigate and write about Hollywood crime and has been featured on Fox News, Sky News Arabia, Elle, Page Six, and many other places. As she stated with her value, she

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Terry McMullen & Flobo Boyce 22 Dec 2022 • EN

"Time management (but maybe legacy)" - Flobo Boyce

This was a fun conversation with my guest Flobo. As you will hear right out of the gate, Flobo is high energy and an entertainer. He is a professional comedian, an esports commentator/caster, a DJ, he runs his own podcast network, and he’s personal branding thought leader. He stated “time management” as his number one

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Terry McMullen & Amanda Kate 31 Oct 2022 • EN

"Self Mastery" - Amanda Kate

Amanda is an author (Divine. Messy. Human. A Spiritual Guide to Prioritising Internal Truth over External Influence), Kinesiologist, Mentor, Archetypal Life Coach, Mother and more. She describes herself as a recovering people-pleaser and self-flagellator, who walks the path straddling the Divine and Messy daily. Amanda

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Terry McMullen & Chancellor K. Jackson 24 Oct 2022 • EN

"Knowing yourself" - Chancellor Jackson

Chancellor is an author ("'14 Days in Beijing', an unforgettable tale of my experience being locked up abroad in China"), an educator, coach, and former collegiate football player. He is a believer that teaching people to think critically is necessary for their growth and allowing them to achieve their purpose in life.

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