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Gregory Favazza & Dan Freehling 04 Sep 2023 • EN

Mastering the Art of "Organizational Culture" "Dan Freehling" w/ 'Favazza'

Join me for an enlightening conversation with organizational culture expert, Dan Freehling. Through our discussion, we dissect the crucial distinction between leaders and followers - or rather, team members - and spotlight the importance of self-awareness in maneuvering within various organizational cultures. Transcrip

69 min
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Gregory Favazza & Terry McMullen 16 Sep 2022 • EN

Knowing Depths Terry McMullen with Gregory Favazza

Explore the resilience of the human spirit in a compelling episode ON Purpose featuring Terry McMullen and Gregory Favazza on 'What's The Value Podcast.' Delve into Favazza's journey through PTSD, childhood traumas, loss of home, identity, and family. Uncover the challenges faced by veterans, echoing the struggle of re

42 min
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Timothy Douglas & Gregory Favazza 30 Mar 2022 • EN

Raw Vulnerability and Complete Authenticity with Gregory Favazza

Check it out on Spotify: Check it out on Apple: He is a 5 year military veteran, a first time father who has been a podcast creator and host since around January 2020. He started Your Transformation Station, also known as YTSthePodcast to begin building a network with t

31 min
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Gregory Favazza & Noah Healy 03 Mar 2022 • EN

Game Theory and Marketplaces Noah Healy with Favazza

Favazza and (Noah Healy) hits on many topics, one being..breaking of glass is which change? Entropy. "Coordlink" is an innovative company, what exactly that is, is a bit complicated. Noah is a professional algorithm developer and recreational mathematician who is an expert on game theory and designing marketplaces. Sup

77 min
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Gregory Favazza & William Allen 12 Jan 2022 • EN

80. Highly Sensitive Men William Allen w/ 'Favazza'

(William Allen),  author of "Confessions of a Sensitive Man". Traditional masculine roles often include men who don't cry, express outward emotions, whether that is sadness or joy, but rather are expected to be "stoic and unemotional people". The notion of men being openly emotional is a breakthrough idea that is still

30 min
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Gregory Favazza & William Allen 12 Jan 2022 • EN

Discussions on Highly Sensitive Men podcast episode: William Allen

Highly Sensitive Men The topic of this episode is the phenomenon of sensitive men and masculinity. Discussions on Highly Sensitive Men podcast episode: William Allen | Episode 080 SHARE ON Facebook |  Twitter | LinkedIn  |  Email Greg Favazza, interviews William Allen,  author of Confessions of a Sensitive Man. Traditi

29 min
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