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Grant Sanderson & Steven Strogatz 07 Aug 2021 • EN

3 - Steven Strogatz: In and out of love with math

Steven Strogatz, an applied mathematician at Cornell, is a prominent figure in the field of nonlinear dynamics and chaos, and a widely beloved popularizer of math. Episode sponsor: Brilliant is a great site/app for being more active in learning math. --- Books by Strogatz which we discussed -

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Brian Keating & Steven Strogatz 18 Jun 2021 • EN

Steven Strogatz: The Infinite Power of Calculus

Steven Strogatz is the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Applied Mathematics at Cornell University. Early in his career, he worked on a variety of problems in mathematical biology, including the geometry of supercoiled DNA, the dynamics of the human sleep-wake cycle, the topology of three-dimensional chemical waves, an

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Kevin Knudson + Evelyn Lamb & Steven Strogatz 14 May 2020 • EN

Episode 54 - Steve Strogatz

Steve Strogatz is famous for his work in dynamical systems, but his favorite theorem is due to Cauchy. A classic of complex analysis, it asserts that the integral of an analytic function around a closed contour is zero; one of the cleanest results in mathematics. Also, cubism.

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The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk Text LEARNERS to 44222 Full show notes can be found at Episode #347: Steven Strogatz - How Calculus Reveals The Secrets Of The Universe Leaders who sustain excellence: Have a willingness to be a beginner "When you're naive, you ask new questions" "They have

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Shane Parrish & Steven Strogatz 07 Jan 2020 • EN

#73 Steven Strogatz: Exploring Curiosities

Mathematician Steven Strogatz reveals how math is the key to exploring and understanding the beauty of our world.   Go Premium: Members get early access, ad-free episodes, hand-edited transcripts, searchable transcripts, member-only episodes, and more. Sign up at:   Every Sunday our newslett

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One of the most important insights in the history of science is the fact that complex behavior can arise from the undirected movements of small, simple systems. Despite the fact that we know this, we’re still working to truly understand it — to uncover the mechanisms by which, and conditions under which, complexity can

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