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Lewis Howes & Sekou Andrews 23 Nov 2016 • EN

410 Become a Master Speaker and Wow Your Audience with Sekou Andrews

"You are still your most important audience of all." - Sekou Andrews If you enjoyed this episode, check out show notes, video, and more at

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Chris Denson & Sekou Andrews 04 Oct 2016 • EN

#137: Sekou Andrews - How to Move Words and Influence People

Having graced the stages and the boardrooms of the likes of TED, Nike, Oprah, Worldz, Time Warner, Hillary Clinton, Cisco, Google, and a countless number of others, Sekou Andrews is the poetic voice of the innovation diaspora. An award-winning slam poet, he almost effortlessly uses poetic performance as a means to push

58 min
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Srini Rao & Sekou Andrews 14 Sep 2016 • EN

Become a Rockstar on Whatever Stage You Touch with Sekou Andrews

Do you want to make your art your commodity? Answer that. Because that choice is the most difficult choice you’re going to have to make. That’s going to guide and effect everything else that you’re doing. When I think about how that’s shown up in my life, it’s shown up in some incredibly beautiful ways and some incredi

74 min
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Jonathan Fields & Sekou Andrews 21 Dec 2015 • EN

Sekou Andrews: The Power of Your Poetic Voice

Sekou Andrews defies every preconceived notion you might have in your head about the voice and role of poetry in business, society and life. In his words, when he "tells people that, before creating a new inspirational speaker category, he was a successful 'full-time poet,' you would think that he had said 'full-time m

60 min
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Chris Denson & Sekou Andrews 18 Mar 2014 • EN

#31: Sekou Andrews - Delivering Prose to Pros

How many poets do you know who have had the opportunity to participate in strategy sessions alongside Lebron James and top execs at Nike? How many do you know who have given perhaps some of the most creative TED Talks of all time? How many have stood at the front of a sold out theater to give a keynote to some of the w

50 min
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