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Ron Rapaport & Dan Clouser 31 Jan 2024 • EN

Dan Clouser-The Journey of my Mother’s Son

Meet Dan Clouser, author, podcast host, speaker, coaching trainer and consultant. In 2019 after founding and running a non-profit youth sports organization for 30 years working with kids and  teaching them leadership skills and life lessons through sports, he felt a calling from God to leave his comfort zone. He starte

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Dan Clouser & Ron Rapaport 12 Jan 2024 • EN

Ron Rapaport – Bringing Awareness to Male Breast Cancer

In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Ron Rapaport. Ron is a two-time Male Breast Cancer survivor, current Lymphedema thriver and Lead Advocate for Ron also hosts his own podcast titled ITS A WRAP WITH RAP, which is available on all major podcas

35 min
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Ron Rapaport & Nelson Tressler 11 Dec 2022 • EN

Nelson Tressler-Goals To Greatness

Ron talks to Nelson Tressler founder and CEO of which is a goal achievement program and app created to help people succeed in every aspect of life and author of the book "The Unlucky Sperm Club, You Are Not the Victim of Your Circumstances but A Product of Your Choices". After being born into one of the

50 min
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Ron Rapaport & Doug Noll 30 Oct 2022 • EN

Doug Noll-De-Escalator and Peacemaker

Ron interviews Doug Noll, award winning trial lawyer, speaker, author and now a peacemaker and mediator. Doug is the co-founder of the award-winning Prison of Peace Project in which he has taught prisoners (many murderers) in maximum security facilities to be mediators and peacemakers.  Doug is the author of De-Escalat

60 min
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Ron Rapaport & Sara Im 16 May 2022 • EN

Sara Im-Killing Fields Of Cambodia Survivor

Ron talks to Sara Im, a survivor of the killing fields of Cambodia  where up to 3 million people perished.  She tells us of her escape from the fields and her journey of starting her new life in America. Sponsor:    Hero Soap Company          Links:              

45 min
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Ron Rapaport & Ari Gunzburg 03 Mar 2022 • EN

Ari Gunzburg-The Trouble Of Trauma

Ron talks with motivational speaker, podcast host, author, and wilderness liason Ari Gunzburg about how a traumatic event he experienced at age ten affected his life and changed his perspective forever. Links:                  #HC Universal Network  

59 min
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