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Clint Hatton is a former drug addict and a divorce to a pastor to losing his 17-year-old son in a plane crash to inspiring people to be courageous humans...He has lived a very layered life. At 12 years old he was nearly killed twice due to his mom suffering from suicidal ideation after his dad's affair. During his 20-y

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James Perdue & Danielle Matthews 04 Nov 2022 • EN

Ep 190 Danielle Matthew Shares Her Journey After Being Hit by Drunk Driver

Danielle Matthews' journey is one of inspiration, hope, and awakening to the powers we each hold within us to heal ourselves and live an abundant life. At 23, she was hit by a drunk driver and sustained a brain injury. That left her unable to work and dealing with physical and emotional challenges. Although her body wa

38 min
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Dan Clouser & James Perdue 01 Nov 2022 • EN

Dr. James Perdue – Professor of Perseverance

In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Dr. James Perdue. At age sixteen, James Perdue had to grow up fast after his father died. Concerned about his mother and brothers, he hoped his athletic talent would lead to a financially successful professional baseball career. He att

48 min
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James Perdue & Dan Clouser 15 Oct 2022 • EN

Ep 187 RV Traveler Dan Clouser Shares His Journey

Dan Clouser in August of 2020, his wife and him decided to leave the rat race that society tells them they should be participating in. They sold their house and belongings and now travel across the United States full-time with their golden retriever in their RV. Website: Facebook: htt

35 min
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Janet Elaine Schmidt tells everyone to be the student of their life. Be the scientist, go into the laboratory, and know the possibilities are limitless. We all have the ability to change the genetic coding, behaviors, traits, or beliefs passed down. This programming affects us on four different levels: emotional, physi

33 min
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Amanda Kate felt like an empty shell of a human being. She had chronic fatigue and was in an emotionally abusive marriage. Fast forward to today and she is a kinesiologist, Archetypal Life Coach, and mentor living my best life. Website: Facebook:

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