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In this podcast episode, Sameet Mehta shares his journey into venture capital, his investment misses with Zoom and Dropbox, and the importance of cautious hiring for startups. He also discusses the decision-making process at his fund, Granite Hill, and the significance of creating a safe environment for open discussion

38 min
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Rohit Malhotra & Eric Jorgenson 02 Nov 2023 • EN

The Anthology of Balaji with Eric Jorgenson

In this episode, Eric Jorgensen, CEO of Scribe Media and author of "Almanack of Naval Ravikant" and "Anthology of Balaji” discusses his journey to becoming the CEO of Scribe Media, the success of his books, and the importance of understanding different disciplines. He also delves into topics such as the role of technol

54 min
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Rohit Malhotra & Steve Chou 31 Aug 2023 • EN

Family-First Entrepreneur with Steve Chou

In this podcast episode, Steve Chou, founder of the "My Wife Quit Her Job" podcast and successful entrepreneur shares his journey in e-commerce, starting with selling handkerchiefs on eBay, which led to the creation of Bumblebee Linens. He discusses the viability of e-commerce in 2023 and the importance of building an

34 min
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Rohit Malhotra & Nick Huber 13 Jul 2023 • EN

Building a $100 mil Self-Storage Business with Nick Huber

I am excited to have Nick Huber who is the founder of the Sweaty Startup, sold his service business in Jan 2021 for 7 figures and now owns and operates a self-storage portfolio with 61 self-storage properties, In this podcast episode, Nick shares his journey in the world of startups, starting with a pickup and delivery

43 min
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Rohit Malhotra & Polina Marinova Pompliano 22 Jun 2023 • EN

Hidden Genius with Polina Marinova Pompliano

I’m excited to have Polina Marinova Pompliano who is the author of 'HIDDEN GENIUS: The Secret Ways of Thinking That Power the World's Most Successful People.' She is also the founder of The Profile, a media organization that studies successful people and companies. In this podcast episode, Polina Marinova Pompliano, fo

32 min
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In this episode, James Wang, General Partner at Creative Ventures, talks about his journey from working in hedge funds to investing in startups, the importance of finding a career that aligns with one's values and passions, and explores the differences between deep tech and software startups, addressing concerns about

46 min
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