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Rob Henderson 22 Mar 2024 • EN

Americano: Trump vs luxury beliefs

Freddy speaks to Rob Henderson, author of Troubled: A Memoir of Foster Care, Family, and Social Class, in which he coins the term 'luxury beliefs'. These are certain beliefs held by a section of the elite which confirm and elevate the status of those who hold them. As a consequence, they can cause harm to those lower d

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Freddie Sayers & Rob Henderson 13 Mar 2024 • EN

Rob Henderson: How Luxury Beliefs took over the elite

UnHerd's Freddie Sayers meets Rob Henderson Why are the top 1% so politically correct? Rob Henderson coined the term ‘luxury beliefs’ to explain how affluent people signal high status with ‘woke’ ideas. In his new memoir ‘Troubled’, Henderson tells the story of a difficult childhood and how it opened his eyes to the hy

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Order our new book, The Score That Matters Rob Henderson has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Cambridge, where he studied as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. He obtained a B.S. in psychology from Yale University and is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He's the author of Troubled: A Memoir

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Chris Williamson & Rob Henderson 30 Nov 2023 • EN

#713 - Rob Henderson - Why Is Everyone Acting Like A Victim?

Rob Henderson is a psychologist, US Air Force veteran, and author of Troubled: A Memoir of Foster Care, Family, and Social Class. Humans are an odd species. We know truths on our own but choose to lie in groups. Our thinking gets hijacked by social norms, paths of least resistance, lies and half truths. It's a mess out

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Jim O'Shaughnessy & Trung Phan + Rob Henderson 07 Sep 2023 • EN

Trung Phan & Rob Henderson — Apocalypse Now

Our previous episode with Trung & Rob included the bombshell reveal that Rob had never watched Apocalypse Now. Nearly one year later, Rob and Trung make their triumphant return to the show to discuss the themes of the film, the lessons aspiring creators can draw from its troubled production history, the role of the Vie

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Robert Breedlove & Rob Henderson 11 Aug 2023 • EN

The Nature of Mimetic Desire with Rob Henderson (WiM351)

Rob Henderson joins me to discuss the nature of mimetic desire, the underlying purpose of advertisement, and the notion of agreeableness and disagreeableness.  Rob Henderson is a writer and psychologist. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.  // GUEST //  Twitter:  Newsletter: https:/

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