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Tim Scarfe + Yannic Kilcher + Keith Duggar & Rebecca Roache 11 Oct 2020 • EN

The Social Dilemma Part 3 - Dr. Rebecca Roache

This week join Dr. Tim Scarfe, Yannic Kilcher, and Keith Duggar have a conversation with Dr. Rebecca Roache in the last of our 3-part series on the social dilemma Netflix film. Rebecca is a senior lecturer in philosophy at Royal Holloway, university of London and has written extensively about the future of friendship. 

76 min
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Gregory Miller + Oliver Marley + Andrew Horton + Jack Symes & Rebecca Roache 17 Jun 2018 • EN

Episode 40, 'Offensive Language' with Rebecca Roache

Rebecca Roache is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Royal Holloway, University of London. Dr Roache specialises in practical ethics, logic, philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychiatry and early modern philosophy, but in this episode, we’ll be speaking to Rebecca specifically about the philosophy of language and swear

46 min
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