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Jim talks with Peter Wang about his idea that meaning comes from making consequential choices. They discuss the immediacy of consequences, the modeling of causal loops, the subjective aspect of causality, two hundred varieties of shampoo, the intersubjective realm, middle-class consumer culture, the desire to be a live

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Alexandra Kaschuta & Peter Wang 31 Aug 2022 • EN

Peter Wang - The Predatory Infinite Feed

I speak to Peter about our unprecedented information infrastructure and how it has captured the public discourse, and how we relate to others and ourselves. We also speak about Web 3, limbic capitalism, being powerless without common myths, and much more. Peter Wang is CEO and Co-founder of Anaconda, a software develop

68 min
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Neil C. Hughes & Peter Wang 31 May 2022 • EN

Peter Wang - Co-Founder and CEO of Anaconda

Peter Wang is a veteran software developer turned co-founder and CEO of Anaconda, which brought the programming language Python to the mainstream for business data analysis. Anaconda’s open-source data science solution helps organizations mitigate bias, deploy deep learning models using neural networks, and predict num

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Peter Wang is the co-founder & CEO of Anaconda and one of the most impactful leaders and developers in the Python community. Also, he is a physicist and philosopher. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - Quip: to get first refill free - Magic Spoon:

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Eric Anderson & Peter Wang 07 Apr 2021 • EN

Anaconda with Peter Wang

Eric Anderson (@ericmander) welcomes Peter Wang (@pwang) for a conversation about the Python ecosystem and the open-source communities that have built it. Peter is the creator of Anaconda, the near-essential Python distribution for scientific computing that makes managing packages a lot more manageable. In today’s epis

34 min
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Lukas Biewald & Peter Wang 21 Jan 2021 • EN

Peter Wang — Anaconda, Python, and Scientific Computing

Peter Wang talks about his journey of being the CEO of and co-founding Anaconda, his perspective on the Python programming language, and its use for scientific computing. Peter Wang has been developing commercial scientific computing and visualization software for over 15 years. He has extensive experience in software

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