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Jason gives an overview of the current state of various real estate markets, highlighting a slight sellers' advantage with the national median price at $453,000. He underscored the diversified nature of real estate as an asset class and invited attendees to join the upcoming free monthly Zoom meeting with Tom Wheelwrig

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Jason discusses history and it's complexities with complexity scientist guest Peter Turchin. Jason also updates listeners on recent events, including a collective mastermind in Orlando and an upcoming talk at the Rebel Capitalist event. He promotes the Empowered Investor Pro membership, highlighting its benefits and ex

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Peter Turchin is a complexity scientist and one of the founders of cliodynamics — a new, cross-disciplinary field that applies mathematics and big data to test historical theories. Full transcript available at: See for privacy information.

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History is not just one thing after another. Historians spend lifetimes figuring out how X event in medieval France impacted Y event in 20th century Polynesia, but none of them have truly ‘done the math’ like this week’s guest. Coming from a background in applied mathematics, Peter Turchin has gathered an unprecedented

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Sam Leith & Peter Turchin 07 Jun 2023 • EN

Peter Turchin: End Times

In this week's Book Club podcast I talk to Peter Turchin about his new book End Times: Elites, Counter-Elites and the Path of Political Disintegration. He proposes a scientific theory of history, mapping the underlying forces that have led to the collapse of states from the ancient world to the present day, and warns o

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Adaam Levin-Areddy + Vanessa M. Quirk & Peter Turchin 17 Oct 2022 • EN

The Coming Collapse (w/ Peter Turchin)

Scientist-turned-historian Peter Turchin is best known for a dire prediction he made in 2010: we were headed for serious unrest, circa 2020. Peter came to this (as-so-happened) accurate prediction by treating the soft science of history like a hard one — what he calls cliodynamics. He and his team quantified indicators

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?? • 22/Jul/2023 20:26:28 • English • Audio
Computer-age historian

Dr. Turchin champions this viewpoint that history, as well as other humanities, should be able to offer some sort of way to test the hypotheses that they formulate. So what does it mean? In that, if a historian has a theory why, let's say, the Roman Empire fell, I should be able to run a simulation and test his theory by trying to change the initial conditions and seeing if it changes the outcome, stuff like that. So on the one hand, I find it really fascinating that such an approach can actually be realized. On the other hand, I'm kind of skeptical, because it's quite possible that history is moving in some sort of chaotic manner, and maybe small changes, such as the death of one person, can have dramatic consequences for the whole outcome. Anyway, regardless, I find Dr. Turchin's books and articles and interviews very thought-provoking and interesting. I have a few interviews saved up in my bookmarks, and I'm looking forward to listening to them. In the meantime, I follow his appearances on different podcasts.

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