Peter Turchin – Vanessa M. Quirk

Peter Turchin is a historian, an author, and a social scientist. Vanessa M. Quirk is an interview host, an editor, and a journalist. We found 1 podcast interview connecting Peter Turchin and Vanessa M. Quirk.

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Episodes with Peter Turchin & Vanessa M. Quirk

Adaam Levin-Areddy + Vanessa M. Quirk & Peter Turchin 17 Oct 2022 • EN

The Coming Collapse (w/ Peter Turchin)

Scientist-turned-historian Peter Turchin is best known for a dire prediction he made in 2010: we were headed for serious unrest, circa 2020. Peter came to this (as-so-happened) accurate prediction by treating the soft science of history like a hard one — what he calls cliodynamics. He and his team quantified indicators

63 min
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