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Oteil Burbridge + Mike Finoia & Bill Walton 12 Dec 2023 • EN

Bill Walton

You are in for an extraordinary experience as Oteil and Mike welcome back the charismatic and inspirational Bill Walton. Dubbed as "the luckiest man in the world," Walton, known for his remarkable journey from a stuttering child to a renowned public speaker, brings a unique energy to the show. The episode dives deep in

71 min
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Mike Finoia joins Jared on this Monday's episode of The JTrain Podcast, to read your emails and answer questions about missing someone after a three month relationship ends, ending an engagement after moving in with someone, dating as a woman in your 30's, re shooting your shot after six years of not seeing someone, an

64 min
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Tom Papa & Mike Finoia 14 Nov 2023 • EN

Episode 181 - Mike Finoia

Hide your butts. Mike Finoia is here and he has a new special! Watch it here: (13) Mike Finoia | Don't Let Me Down (Full Comedy Special) - YouTube   Thank you to our sponsor TodayTix! The best value on tickets to Broadway and beyond. Take $20 off your first purchase at https://www.todaytix.com/papa and use the code 'PA

80 min
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Comedian Mike Finoia joins the show and details his love for The Grateful Dead and Phish. He and Adam then talk about statutory rock songs and the lost art of driving a car with a manual transmission. Mike then talks about his dog doing commercials and Adam complains about a dog that was on set while filming his movie

125 min
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Mike Finoia + Oteil Burbridge & Ronan Levy 03 Mar 2023 • EN

Ronan Levy

On this episode of Comes a Time Mike and Oteil sit down with Ronan Levy, CEO of Field Trip Health. The guys talk about the positive awareness brought to the mental health conversation in recent years, lasting messages that don’t go away from tripping “the right way,” and you’ll even hear Ronan explain what’s happening

95 min
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Oteil Burbridge + Mike Finoia & Amy Cuddy 09 Dec 2022 • EN

Amy Cuddy

This week on Comes A Time social psychologist Amy Cuddy joins Mike and Oteil to discuss universal truths of the brain, how Amy re-learned how to learn after being in a car accident in college, and how to turn anxiety into excitement. Amy also gives the guys great advice on managing stage fright, and they talk about une

89 min
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