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Scott Horton & Matthew Hoh 02 Feb 2024 • EN

Matthew Hoh on What War with Iran Would Be Like

Matthew Hoh joins the show to talk about the dangers of a war with Iran. As Biden moves towards some kind of military response to the rocket attack that left three American soldiers dead over the weekend, Hoh has been gaming out what the first week of a war between the U.S. and Iran would look like. He and Scott work t

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Scott Horton & Matthew Hoh 08 Jan 2024 • EN

Matthew Hoh on the Lessons of Obama’s Afghanistan Betrayal

Matthew Hoh joined Scott on Antiwar Radio this week. They discussed Hoh’s experience waking up to the true nature of war while serving in the military. And they talk about his attempt to get Obama and the Democrats to end the wars in the Middle East just as they had promised to. Discussed on the show: The Best and the

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On today's show, Matthew Hoh discusses the Israel/Palestine conflict and anti-war discussions. GUEST OVERVIEW: Matthew is an Associate Editor of 'Eisenhower Media' and a former USMC Captain, Iraq war veteran. Learn more about him at  

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We are excited to sit down (metaphorically) with veteran, whistleblower, peace activist, and foreign policy dissident Matthew Hoh. He has spent the last few years helping to build the Eisenhower Media Network, which is designed to promote and give voice to veterans with a critical point of view of U.S. wars, foreign po

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Katie Halper & Matthew Hoh + Dennis Kucinich 23 Mar 2023 • EN

Dennis Kucinich & Veteran Matthew Hoh On Iraq War 20 Years Later

To hear the rest of the discussion, please join us on Patreon at: Veteran Matthew Hoh and former U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich discuss the legacy of the ongoing war in Iraq, why it's still relevant today and what it has to do with the proxy war in Ukraine. In 2009, Mat

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Joanne Leon + Kelley Lane & Scott Horton + Shannon Bray + Matthew Hoh + Angela McArdle 30 Jul 2022 • EN

Ep 265 Third Party Candidates Disrupt the Status Quo PANEL

Hosts: Joanne Leon, Kelley Lane. Guests: Shannon Bray, Matthew Hoh, Scott Horton, Angela McArdle Panel discussion about the importance of third party candidates, especially anti-interventionist candidates who can act as a political insurgency to disrupt the establishment status quo. We also discuss the recent scandal w

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