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Scott Horton & Connor Freeman 16 Mar 2024 • EN

Connor Freeman on Israel’s Atrocities in Gaza

Scott was joined by Connor Freeman to discuss what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. They start with a quick discussion of the violence in the West Bank before reviewing the scale of destruction that the IDF is raining down on the people of Gaza. They also talk about U.S. complicity, the war’s effect on the 2024 pre

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Scott Horton & Connor Freeman 04 Nov 2023 • EN

11/2/23 Connor Freeman: The Palestinians are Getting Slaughtered

 Download Episode. Connor Freeman joined Scott on Antiwar Radio this week to discuss the violence in Gaza, the West Bank and northern Israel. Freeman gives an overview of what’s happening and the two analyze the reactions from political and media figures on all sides.  Discussed on the show: “Netanyahu’s Support for H

31 min
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Scott Horton & Connor Freeman 07 Oct 2023 • EN

Connor Freeman on Mark Milley’s Legacy

Connor Freeman joined Scott on Antiwar Radio this week to discuss the legacy of Mark Milley, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs. They start with some bad reasons people hate Milley before getting into all the terrible foreign policy that he oversaw. Discussed on the show: Peril by Bob Woodward “Washington Wants Wa

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We welcomed back to the show this week the co-hosts of Conflicts of Interest podcast, Kyle Anzalone & Connor Freeman, who both write and edit and support the Libertarian Institute. We ask them about the rancorous split among libertarians over Ukraine, a fissure not seen in the Global War on Terror. We also talked about

44 min
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Joanne Leon & + Dan Wright + Kelley Lane + Connor Freeman + Riley Waggaman Patrick MacFarlane 30 Nov 2022 • EN

Ep 271 ATE Live Ukraine War Panel with Connor Freeman, Kelley Lane, Patrick MacFarlane, Riley Waggaman, Dan Wright

Panel: Joanne Leon, Connor Freeman, Kelley Lane, Patrick MacFarlane, Riley Waggaman, Dan Wright. Discussion about the war in Ukraine and latest developments.  Recorded on September 15, 2022. Music by Fluorescent Grey. Reference Links: Ukraine's counterattack: Unheeded warnings from Russia's pro-war hardliners, Riley Wa

81 min
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Joanne Leon & Kelley Lane + Dan Wright + Connor Freeman + Stephen Semler 28 Jun 2022 • EN

Ep 261 War in Ukraine Panel Podcast

Panel: Connor Freeman, Kelley Lane, Joanne Leon, Stephen Semler, Dan Wright. A wide ranging discussion about the war in Ukraine, the possible escalation to nuclear war and the billions of dollars being approved by Congress.  FOLLOW @stephensemler, @WrightLeaning, @Kelleyswords, @FreemansMind96, @joanneleon, @AroundtheE

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