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As Israel continues its genocide on Gaza, it is ramping up its attacks in Lebanon and Syria while the US strikes Iraq and Yemen, bringing the Middle East closer to the brink of regional war.  To discuss this and more, Rania Khalek is joined by veteran war correspondent and analyst Elijah Magnier for a special live epis

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Patrick Henningsen & Elijah Magnier 17 Dec 2023 • EN

‘Trouble in the Holy Land – Pt. Deux’ with guest Elijah Magnier

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on Alternate Current Radio, as host Patrick Henningsen discusses the biggest stories this week, starting with ongoing ethnic cleansing and genocide in Gaza by the Israeli Occupation Forces, backed by the US, UK and EU. In the first hour, we’ll connect with special guest, vetera

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Joanne Leon & Dan Wright + Kyle Anzalone + Elijah Magnier 02 Sep 2022 • EN

Ep 270 Crisis in Iraq PANEL feat Elijah Magnier Kyle Anzalone Dan Wright

Panel: Kyle Anzalone, Joanne Leon, Elijah Magnier, Dan Wright.  Discussion about the protests and political crisis in Iraq and the Iran deal JCPOA.  Elijah Magnier is a veteran war correspondent and political analyst with over 35 years of experience covering the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Kyle Anzalone is the

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Joanne Leon & Elijah Magnier 27 Feb 2021 • EN

Ep 208: NATO Escalates in Iraq feat Elijah Magnier

Guest: Elijah Magnier. We talk about the the three attacks in one week on US bases in Iraq following an announcement that the US will escalate the operation in Iraq. US and NATO troops will no longer be withdrawn from Iraq but instead the escalate and expand the mission substantially. We also talk about Syria, the axis

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Joanne Leon & Elijah Magnier 02 Dec 2020 • EN

Ep 196 Iran & Middle East: Shifting Priorites? feat Elijah Magnier

Guest: Elijah Magnier. We talk about the recent assassination of an Iranian top scientist and threats of retaliation proposed by hardline Iranian media, the precarious situation due to Trump  likely leaving office soon and Netanyahu’s political troubles. We discuss the failure to withdraw US troops from Iraq and the li

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Joanne Leon & Elijah Magnier 06 Aug 2020 • EN

Ep 175 Beirut Explosion feat Elijah Magnier

Guest: Elijah Magnier. We talk about the August 4, 2020 explosion in the Beirut port, details of what happened, political implications, cui bono and more. Elijah has gathered information from Beirut and provided some of that information for the first time in this interview as an exclusive. There is also a bonus questio

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