Around The Empire

Updated: 01 Dec 2022 • 265 episodes

Around the Empire podcast explores the massive apparatus of the American Empire. In-depth interviews, discussions. Hosted by Joanne Leon.

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Joanne Leon & Dan Wright + Kyle Anzalone 01 Dec 2022 • EN

Ep 272 ATE Live: Nuclear Threats Panel with Kyle Anzalone, Dan Wright

10/19/22 Panel: Joanne Leon, Kyle Anzalone, Dan Wright. Discussion of Ukraine war, risk of nuclear escalation plus Kyle’s article being tweeted by Elon Musk.  FOLLOW Kyle @KyleAnzalone_ @Con_Interest FOLLOW Dan @DSW_xyz Recorded on October 19, 2022. Music by Fluorescent Grey. Around the Empire is li

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Joanne Leon & Patrick MacFarlane + Riley Waggaman + Connor Freeman + Dan Wright + Kelley Lane 30 Nov 2022 • EN

Ep 271 ATE Live Ukraine War Panel with Connor Freeman, Kelley Lane, Patrick MacFarlane, Riley Waggaman, Dan Wright

Panel: Joanne Leon, Connor Freeman, Kelley Lane, Patrick MacFarlane, Riley Waggaman, Dan Wright. Discussion about the war in Ukraine and latest developments.  Recorded on September 15, 2022. Music by Fluorescent Grey. Reference Links: Ukraine's counterattack: Unheeded warnings from Russia's pro-war hardliners, Riley Wa

81 min
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Joanne Leon & Elijah Magnier + Dan Wright + Kyle Anzalone 02 Sep 2022 • EN

Ep 270 Crisis in Iraq PANEL feat Elijah Magnier Kyle Anzalone Dan Wright

Panel: Kyle Anzalone, Joanne Leon, Elijah Magnier, Dan Wright.  Discussion about the protests and political crisis in Iraq and the Iran deal JCPOA.  Elijah Magnier is a veteran war correspondent and political analyst with over 35 years of experience covering the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Kyle Anzalone is the

74 min
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Guest: Kyle Anzalone. We discuss a number of new articles written by Kyle about China, Korea, Russia and Ukraine. In a bonus segment we talk about how the war in Ukraine seems to be changing from a conventional war to an insurgency and dirty war. We also talk about Dugin car bombing. Kyle Anzalone is the opinion editor

64 min
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Guest: Whitney Webb. We discuss her new book “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union between Intelligence and Organized Crime that gave rise to Jeffrey Epstein.” We focus on the story of the PROMIS software and the “Enterprise Network” that Danny Casolaro was investigating for his story about “The Octopus”. In a

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Kyle Anzalone + Joanne Leon & Tyler Weaver 26 Aug 2022 • EN

Ep267 Ukraine War and Logistics feat Tyler Weaver (Armchair Warlord)

Hosts: Joanne Leon, Kyle Anzalone. Guest: Tyler Weaver (Armchair Warlord) Discussion with Tyler Weaver aka Armchair Warlord about the war in Ukraine with some focus on logistics and armaments. A retrospective look at the war and also the recent developments. In a bonus segment we talk about Russia’s objectives in Ukrai

86 min
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